Zimbabwe hosts inaugural World Tobacco Africa Conference

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Zimbabwe hosts inaugural World Tobacco Africa Conference

The Sunday Mail

Theseus Shambare

Zimbabwe is set to host over 2 000 senior tobacco professionals from across Africa for the continent’s first-ever World Tobacco Africa Conference and Expo, which is scheduled for May 15-16.

The event is expected to be a landmark gathering focusing on driving the future growth of the African leaf tobacco industry.

Organised by Quartz Business Events, the world’s leading organiser of tobacco trade shows, the conference is being held in partnership with the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB).

This collaboration positions the event as a crucial platform for discussion, debate and exploration of opportunities within the regional tobacco sector.

Running under the theme “From Seed to Success: A New Era for African Leaf Tobacco”, the two-day conference will serve as a platform for industry leaders to share knowledge, address challenges and discover innovative solutions to ensure the continued prosperity of the African golden leaf industry.

TIMB head of business development Mr Tapiwa Chimedza said preparations for the event were at an advanced stage.

“Zimbabwe has been afforded the opportunity to host the first-ever World Tobacco Africa Expo, and this will be an opportune time for the country to showcase a new business platform for the African leaf tobacco industry,” he said.

“As the host country, we will create a platform for discussion on a new era for African leaf tobacco.”

The meeting, he said, will offer the country an opportunity to engage players from new markets.

“At least 2 000 senior and key professionals will take part in the programme, which is a huge resource to tap from.

“On top of that, the expo will afford the country a chance to market its tourism sector.

“Hosting such a global event here in Harare brings with it more opportunities for our country,” he said.

Quartz Business Events managing director Mr Tony Crinion recently toured local manufacturers and industry stakeholders in Harare in preparation for the indaba.

Speaking after the tour, he said: “The enthusiasm and the wealth of ideas shared with associations, merchants and growing groups alike have solidified our conviction that the inaugural World Tobacco Africa Conference is poised for great success.

“With the support of our event partners, TIMB and the Ministry of Agriculture; the wisdom of Kutsaga (Tobacco Research Board) and many more, it is evident that this event will play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe and across the region.”

Zimbabwe is Africa’s largest tobacco producer, followed by Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.

The country is also ranked sixth globally after China, India, Brazil, the United States and Indonesia. Through the Tobacco Value Chain Transformation Plan, Zimbabwe plans to increase production of the golden leaf to 300 million kg by next year.

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