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Youth entrepreneur of the week Ms Lucy Kundai Zvaraya

The Sunday Mail

This week’s entrepreneur spotlight shines on Ms Lucy Kundai Zvaraya (pictured), an agronomist and founder of Farm Makeover Company.

Her journey started like that of many others — employed by a local agricultural services company. However, after financial struggles forced her to resign in 2020, Ms Zvaraya refused to remain idle.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, she took to social media, sharing her agricultural expertise on X. Little did she know this would be the seed of her future success.

Ms Zvaraya’s engaging content attracted potential clients seeking farm consultancy services, leading to the birth of Farm Makeover Company in late 2020.

Starting with zero capital, she self-funded the company using income from her initial consultancy work. The early days were not easy.

As Ms Zvaraya notes, “Setting up a start-up is a lonely journey . . . People only start believing when they see your dream taking shape.”

Despite the lack of initial support and financial challenges, Ms Zvaraya persevered. One key lesson she learned was the importance of being resolute and avoiding desperation, especially when dealing with clients.

“I lost a lot of money by offering services that went unpaid,” she admits, “but these were valuable lessons.”

Today, her vision for Farm Makeover Company is ambitious. She aspires to be the face of modern agriculture in Zimbabwe, empowering farmers with knowledge that will turn their passion into profitable businesses.

“I want to change the way people farm,” she declares.

“I want everyone to engage in good agronomic practices and farm sustainably.”

Her aim is to see every Zimbabwean farmer view agriculture not as a hobby, but as a thriving business venture.

Ms Zvaraya’s story is an inspiring example of resilience, innovation and commitment to transforming the agricultural landscape of Zimbabwe. Through her company, she is empowering individuals and striving to ensure a future of sustainable and successful farming practices.

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