We are not fighting PSL — Sheasham

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We are not fighting PSL — Sheasham

The Sunday Mail

Langton Nyakwenda

ORDINARILY, the clash between Triangle and Sheasham at Gibbo this afternoon would have been a low-key battle.

But after debutants Sheasham hogged the limelight last week by defying a Premier Soccer League directive to travel to Mandava to face CAPS United, attention has turned to the “Construction Boys’’ fixtures.

Sheasham felt hard done by a PSL emergency committee move to revoke a ZIFA First Instance Board (FIB) decision that had sanctioned their Bata Stadium in Gweru for use in top-flight matches.

The fate of their game against CAPS United, which failed to take place at Mandava, will now be decided in the PSL boardroom.

Sheasham have, in the meantime, been busy sprucing up Bata ahead of a second round of inspection this week.

The club chiefs insist that their refusal to play CAPS United at Mandava did not amount to “fighting the PSL’’.

Instead, they are praying that their stadium will pass the second test.

They have also vowed to play at any venue designated by the PSL, should Bata fail the retest.

“We remain a member of the Premier Soccer League and subscribe fully to its authority, as spelt out in the statutes,” said Happy Dziva, Sheasham vice-president.

“And we have been busy trying to rectify the various areas that were communicated to us.

“The last time we played Highlanders, we had not finished the offices, there were no doors, no windows, but right now, all the offices under the VIP stands are complete.’’

He added that they had worked on the unfinished parts in the terraces.

“On the issue of terraces, when we played Highlanders, we had completed the VIP and the VVIP and part of the rest of the ground.

“What we had done then in preparation for the Highlanders match was the bedding, which was a formation that would allow us to later on cast the terraces.

“I think we are familiar with what happened after that match, where someone then circulated a picture of that bedding.

“However, we have done those terraces, they are now cast.

“No one will sit on sand,” Dziva said.

“That’s an area we have definitely worked on.

“As we speak, I estimate, of the 400-metre-plus span of that area, I think we are left with about 30 metres, which should be completed in the next 24 or 48 hours barring any unforeseen circumstances.”

There were also issues to do with dust, a slippery tunnel and improvement of the turf.

“Since this is a construction site that is fresh, there were issues to do with dust. Unfortunately for us, on that particular day we played Highlanders, the wind decided to take control of the day.

“We got correspondence to the effect that we needed to put quarry stones and we are in the process of doing that.”

The newboys are so eager to ensure there is Premiership action in Gweru following the relegation of WhaWha last year.

“It’s in our best interests, it’s in the best interest of Midlands, Gweru and our supporters.

“Definitely, we are hoping that we will be able to host our next match at Bata Stadium because we have worked on the particular things we got communication to rectify.”

Their coach John Nyikadzino is, however, fixated on the game against Triangle at Gibbo this afternoon.

“Currently, I am bit emotional.

“As you know, before Week 10, we were above the relegation waters but after we did not play our game against CAPS United, it’s common knowledge we are now in the bottom four.

“The boys are affected and the bosses had to come and psyche them up.

“It’s really something that is not good for us,’’ Nyikadzino said.

“We thought, as a team, we are supposed to play to get maximum points. Then there are certain things that are beyond our control as players and coaches.

“But I believe we are going to play CAPS United.”

Sheasham have nine points from as many matches after registering six draws and a single win.





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