The young master of spirit mediums

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The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze
Innocent Chipenete is not an easily recognisable name.

Born and bred in Makande Village in Magunje, Chipenete — also known as Sekuru Nyanehwe — is highly respected by fellow spirit mediums.

It does not matter that he is just 28-years-old. Sekuru Nyanehwe was only nine when his parents discovered their son was possessed by the spirit of Sekuru Chitewe Nyanehwe.

Chitewe Nyanehwe was brother to Mbuya Nehanda, one of the key leaders of the First Chimurenga.

Last week, The Sunday Mail Religion visited Sekuru Nyanehwe’s court in Magunje and witnessed first-hand how the spirit medium goes about his daily business.

As young as he is, Sekuru Nyanehwe — who made startling claims of having foretold the White City Stadium bombing in Bulawayo — has earned a reputation for nurturing other spirit mediums.

Among the spirit mediums who were seeking his advice were 41-year-old Mr Cranos Zingwena, who goes by the name Sekuru Nyashanu.

Sekuru Nyashanu said he mysteriously found himself at Sekuru Nyanehwe’s place.

“I don’t know how I got here. All I know is that a voice directed me to this place,” said Sekuru Nyashanu.

He said he was at Sekuru Nyanehwe’s shrine to learn the ropes.

Sekuru Nyashanu said he is aware of the sources of the many mysterious accidents that occasionally happen along the Harare/ Chitungwiza highway.

“The bridge linking Harare and Chitungwiza was built over a sacred place. Those that constructed the bridge did not consult with the spirit medium, hence the accidents.”

Sekuru Nyanehwe backed his “student”, adding that Government should conduct rituals to appease ancestors.

“The bridge over the Manyame River was constructed above a huge sacred cave and it is in one of the caves where spirit mediums dwelt.

“The mediums should have been consulted before construction but they were not and for years they have been furious, hence the accidents,” Sekuru Nyanehwe added.

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