T Freddy: A music-mad prophet

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T Freddy: A music-mad prophet

The Sunday Mail

Zion Divaris

OVER the years, the Zimbabwean experience with most prophets has shown that they are not super human — they get angry, and succumb to the allure of money, women and power.

Some of them love football, others the spotlight, while a handful have been dragged through the courts for various transgressions. In short, they too are human — with likes, dislikes and even strong passions.

Zimbabweans thought they had seen it all, until Prophet T Freddy showed up on the scene. He is crazy about music. Besides splashing thousands of dollars at album launches, assisting artistes with recording and guiding them in their careers — Prophet T Freddy is also a musician.

Speaking after splashing $7000 on Baba Harare for his latest release, “Ramba Wakadzvanya”, Prophet T Freddy said he intends to start or sponsor a Gospel Music Awards annual event. Furthermore, he plans to continue fighting piracy by speaking against it and engaging relevant authorities, and supporting musicians’ careers financially where possible and encouraging others to do likewise.

The prophet said he will continue to frequent album launches, even in nightclubs when invited to do so, as this presents him with an opportunity to be a fisherman, who fishes souls to the kingdom of heaven.

“In my speech I spoke in the name of Jesus. Someone may want to know who this Jesus is. That hunger will drive them to me. It will not be surprising if 15 or so people that are here tonight turn up at my next church service. I also want people to have access to me, to know that I am approachable,” said Prophet T Freddy at a packed album launch for Baba Harare at Long Cheng Plaza in the capital last weekend.

He added, “What pushed me to come here is that when I first met him (Baba Harare) he was attending church services as an ordinary congregant. I was moved by his humility. His inclusion of gospel tracks on the album is also a factor. These really made me come here — it shows he wants his music to reach everyone. I like both gospel tracks on the album — ‘Hymn 12’ and ‘Zvakanaka Mambo’.”

As someone who has been in the studio to record music, Prophet T Freddy understands what musicians go through in the creative process, raising money to pay for studio time and trying to sell the music.

“As an artiste myself, I’m here to support a colleague in the music industry. I started singing when I was doing Form Five (Lower Sixth). I was helped and sponsored by my former principal at school. I had nothing. I come from a poor background. My principal assisted me, did videos for me and I did not pay a single cent.

“This is my way of returning the favour through other artistes. I have assisted many gospel artistes that include Trymore Bande, Bethany Pasinawako and Agatha Murudzwa. I bought Agatha’s CD for US$5000. There are several others I have helped. Basically I have a passion for music. I have found that in life, everything is functional, music has its role in society, it helps a lot of people in many different ways,” he said.

He praised Baba Harare’s music and the way he is “standing tall when others are faltering”. This young man’s music is helping a lot of people. Above all, he is also creating employment. We are coming to support him as an economic player. He needs a hand that is going to support him. A lot of money was used for this product to be here and for people to be listening and dancing to it.

“In my small way I believe that I have played my part in trying to cushion him against that financial strain. I wish more people could chip in and assist the many other musicians who sacrifice an arm and a leg to give the world music.”

Prophet T Freddy, who sponsors the Gospel 20 on Radio Zimbabwe, said he wants to start something that can inspire artistes the way Coca-Cola is doing with their many end-of-year concepts that reward and motivate artistes. Additionally, he is a soldier in the fight against piracy.

“I’m going to be speaking more about piracy. All album launches I have attended I speak out against piracy and at my church I have told my congregants to shun pirated works as these are stolen goods. It is the same as buying stolen items. Piracy needs to be curbed, if this scourge goes music will truly become a big employer. Imagine if all our artistes could benefit from their music — poverty will be greatly reduced.”

Prophet T Freddy’s love for music and in particular Baba Harare, has seen him attempt to persuade the City of Harare to make the “Hat Dzemurara” (The Reason Why) singer a brand ambassador for the capital city.

“I’m trying to help him engage town house and see if there can’t be some arrangement for him to be recognised as the ambassador of the our capital.”

“Ramba Wakadzvanya”, Baba Harare’s latest, carries 10 tracks. It also arrived with a bonus track, “Mhoro Baby”, and a video for the title track.

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