Skeletons tumble out of closets

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Skeletons tumble out of closets

The Sunday Mail

BEST SELLING author Lisa Jackson has an explosive story to tell in her thrilling novel, “You Will Pay”.

While the title is enough to generate interest from any reader, it is the opening chapter that will certainly send chills down your spine.

The action packed novel has all the markings of a typical mystery where you are ensured of encountering dark secrets, jealousy personalities, adultery and murder, among other things. Details surrounding the disappearance of four people at Camp Horseshoe have remained buried for two decades but when human remains surface at the camp’s beach, the past comes back to haunt the individuals who had vowed to remain quiet about the tragic events.

Surviving councillors and other people who were at the camp all those years ago are called in to help with investigations when the case is re-opened. While the councillors do not want the truth to come out, someone else wants the opposite and is out to seek revenge. The storyline gets interesting when these women receive a text saying, “YOU WILL PAY”. Attached to the text is an image of a dead girl who they all recognise. The shock and fear they express upon receiving the message is a tell-tale sign that something is about to go down and the suspense will make it difficult for readers to put the book down.

“But the text had come from a number she didn’t recognise and the message, all in caps, said simply: YOU WILL PAY. A photograph had been attached to the text. With shaking fingers, Sosi held her phone and stared down at the image: a woman, laid to rest, in a coffin. The dead woman’s hair was pale, her eyes closed, and a white rose had been placed in her hands. Sosi recognised her. ‘Dear God,’ Sosi whispered, fear sizzling down her spine. She was staring at the image of a very dead Eleanor Brady.”

From the deceptive characters to the way the storyline weaves towards the conclusion, the writer should be applauded for throwing in surprising twists, which makes for great reading. The story is interesting but keeping track of all the characters, their backgrounds and how they are connected is something that could be a task.

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