Selmor’s ‘This Is It’ moment

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Selmor’s ‘This Is It’ moment Selmor Mtukudzi gets emotional while addressing guests during a luncheon held in Harare ahead of the Selmor Mtukudzi and Friends gig slated for Andy Millar Hall next Friday. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

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Prince Mushawevato

“I saw my father breakdown on stage numerous times after we lost Sam in 2010. He, just like us, was going through a terrible time but he was strong. He managed to fulfil gigs in that terrible state and I’m hoping to borrow from him when we celebrate his life on March 29,” said a sobbing Selmor Mtukudzi, the late Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s heiress apparent, musically.

Selmor was overwhelmed by the support the “Tuku Music Lives On” luncheon received. She literally spoke in tears as she addressed media practitioners, promoters, fellow artistes and sponsors that attended the special event.

So touching was the moment that even the ever comic, tenacious and highly vocal promoter, Josh Hozheri, could not hold back his tears. Hozheri, who is helping to organise the gig, said his team was inundated with enquiries from foreign journalists that either want to cover or film the show.

Selmor is a decorated artiste with a number of local and foreign accolades under her belt. The songbird has worked with distinguished artistes in Africa and graced international stages. But clearly the Andy Millar Hall gig, which is scheduled for this Friday is a unique one for her.

The world knows and so does she. Talk of career defining moments! It will be Selmor’s first chance to thank multitudes of Dr Mtukudzi’s fans through song and dance following the legend’s burial at his rural home in Madziva on January 27.

The show is set to be the biggest event in the country celebrating the “life and times” of the late legend.

“I wish circumstances were different. I would have loved to grace such a big stage at a time when my father was still alive. Fate robbed us. This is going to be a special and emotional event for me.

“I will use the platform to let out my emotions through music, speaking to souls as we grieve and celebrate the life of the legend. Never in my life have I been part of an event of this magnitude,” said Selmor.

Andy Millar Hall evokes splendid memories for Dr Mtukudzi’s fans. It is the legend and his backing group the Black Spirits that popularised the venue at the turn of the new millennium. And on Friday, all eyes will be on Selmor.

Apart from paying tribute to her late father, the show will go miles in determining her career path going forward. Interest that is being shown by both local and international media on the tribute gig supports this sentiment.

Said Selmor: “I have always wanted to impress my father. This is my chance to do one big thing in his honour and I have to do it right. Some people have seen me perform before but we are taking it to another level on Friday.

“My team, which includes some members of the original Black Spirits, has been rehearsing hard in the past weeks. We want to deliver a flawless act, one that will confirm that Dr Mtukudzi’s legacy is here to stay.”

Some of the original Black Spirits members that are expected to be on stage at the tribute gig include Picky Kasamba, Never Mpofu, Sam Mataure and Strovas Muswowe. Mpofu, who plays the bass guitar said the tribute gig will be a special moment for him.

“I shared great moments with Dr Tuku. It is my hope and wish that his music lives on. I will play my part in safeguarding his legacy by doing what I know best on the bass guitar,” said Mpofu.

Seasoned promoters among them Barbara “Mai Red Rose” Chikosi, Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza and Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa said they were behind Selmor fulltime. Entrepreneur and arts supporter Innocent “Mhofela” Shito encouraged Selmor to be vigilant in the cut-throat music industry. Hozheri, the show promoter said they were now ready to host the gig.

“I would like to thank the sponsors that we are working with.

“They have made our preparations a bit easy. I call upon Dr Tuku’s fans to come in their numbers on March 29 at Glamis Arena to celebrate the life of fallen legend. It’s an event worth attending,” said Hozheri.

With over a decade in the music industry, Selmor boasts five albums among them “I Am Woman”, “Expressions” and “Shungu”. “Nguva Yangu” off the album “Expressions” stands as one of her outstanding hits.

On Friday, she is expected to belt a series of hit songs that punctuated Dr Mtukudzi’s over 40-year musical career.

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