‘People-centred development key’ . . . Embrace new currency: President

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‘People-centred development key’ . . . Embrace new currency: President President Mnangagwa addresses the 122nd Ordinary Session of the ZANU PF Central Committee at the ruling party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Joseph Manditswara

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Debra Matabvu

ZIMBABWE should prioritise people-centred development and embrace enhanced productivity in all sectors of the economy to achieve an empowered, modern, prosperous and highly industrialised country within the next six years, President Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing the 122nd Ordinary Session of the ZANU PF Central Committee at the party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, the President emphasised the importance of protecting Zimbabwe’s hard-won independence and sovereignty, highlighting that this was the foundation for continued development.

He urged people to embrace the recently introduced gold-backed national currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), as a crucial step towards achieving “transformational development”.

“Our national development mantra ‘Nyika inovakwa, inotongwa, inonamatigwa nevene vayo/Ilizwe lakhiwa, libuswe, likhulekelwe ngabanikazi balo’, is not a mere slogan or empty words,” President Mnangagwa said.

“It is deep and a strategic philosophical call to action; a call to productivity and a call to hard work as we build our country towards a prosperous future.

“The practical implementation of this mantra will guarantee the freedom, independence and sovereignty of our country, as well as the people’s Government under our colossal revolutionary mass party, ZANU PF, for perpetuity.

“Under ZANU PF, the Second Republic is marching on, day and night.”

He directed the party leadership at provincial level down to cell level to convene special meetings to discuss pertinent economic policies, programmes and projects.

“People-centred developmental targets must be set, right from the ward level, towards growing our district, provincial and ultimately the national GDP (gross domestic product).

“Economic-related departments of the party across all levels should give active support in this regard.”

President Mnangagwa emphasised the significance of accurately preserving and documenting the country’s history, ensuring that it is told and written in a manner that resonates with both present and future generations.

The country’s 44th Independence Day celebrations, he said, will be held in Manicaland province on Thursday, in line with the Government’s devolution and decentralisation thrust.

This approach, he added, seeks to leave no one and no place behind, while emphasising the collective responsibility of all citizens to safeguard Zimbabwe’s independence and sovereignty.

“We are convening today, a few days before commemorating our 44th Independence Day celebrations, under the theme ‘Zim@44: Unity, Peace and Development Towards Vision 2030’.

“The celebrations are being held in Murambinda, Manicaland province, in line with our devolution and decentralisation policy,” he added.

“As we celebrate independence, it is the duty of each and every one of us to safeguard this independence, sovereignty and freedom.

“A people who do not know their history are like trees without roots.

“It is this recognition that has seen our ZANU PF Government scaling up programmes to memorialise the sacrifices of our gallant sons and daughters, who participated in both the First and Second Chimurenga/Umvukela.”

Their selfless sacrifices, he said, ensured that Zimbabweans enjoy the freedom they have today.

Shrines and places of historical significance, such as the Pupu National Monument and the Kamungoma Liberation War Monument, have since been unveiled.

“I have tasked the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage to identify and establish many more similar sites across all provinces,” he added.

“Such initiatives are part of efforts by the ZANU PF Government to ensure that the illustrious liberation war history of our country is correctly written, told and preserved for both present and future generations.”

New currency

He underscored the transformational potential of ZiG, calling for its widespread acceptance and adoption.

He said the unprecedented opening of the national vaults and the launch of the new structured currency demonstrates the Second Republic’s resolve to secure the country’s future through its vast gold and strategic mineral reserves.

“Last week (a fortnight ago), I led the unprecedented opening of our national vaults and launch of our new structured gold-backed currency, the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG),” said President Mnangagwa.

“This follows the resolve and bold decision by the Second Republic to back our currency against our gold and strategic mineral reserves.

“Our resources are being leveraged on to guarantee sustainable economic independence, sovereignty and prosperity of our great motherland, Zimbabwe.

“The membership and communities in general should be well-briefed on this new transformational development.”


President Mnangagwa reassured the nation that the Government was rolling out measures to mitigate the impact of drought and ensure that no one goes hungry.

He highlighted the successful execution of the liberation struggle and Zimbabwe’s land reform programme, as well as the nation’s successful navigation of the Covid-19 pandemic, as evidence of Zimbabweans’ capability to survive difficult times.

“Our Government is well capable of handling this situation,” he said.

“ZANU PF successfully prosecuted a protracted 16-year armed liberation struggle, we reclaimed our land and are making it productive against all odds.

“Together in unity, our nation mitigated the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic; we will surely manage a drought year.

“This is the confidence and hope that the party leadership should instil among the membership and people of our great nation at large.

“We have put in place measures to ensure that enough food is available.

“The party should play its part in the timely identification of those in need of assistance.”

The President added that the Government was scaling up programmes to revitalise, modernise and climate-proof the agriculture sector, through construction of dams and establishment of irrigation schemes, among other ways.

The Government, he said, was also rolling out a robust winter cropping programme that will see more land being put under wheat and maize.

The Government’s engagement and re-engagement programme, he said, continues to bear fruit.

“Later this month, our nation will be hosting the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, which will be officially opened by the President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency, Dr William Ruto,” President Mnangagwa continued.

“In line with the theme of the ZITF, ‘Innovation: Catalysing Industrialisation and Trade’, I urge the party to take advantage of the ongoing developments in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector and nurture strategic partnerships towards the modernisation of our party systems and structures.

“Our party members in the business and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) sector should be encouraged to attend such events to expand business knowledge, as well as share skills and ideas.”

President Mnangagwa congratulated ZANU PF for the resounding victories in several by-elections held recently, calling on the party to win back all urban National Assembly constituencies and local authority wards held by the opposition.

The meeting was attended by ZANU PF Vice Presidents and Second Secretaries Dr Constantino Chiwenga and Cde Kembo Mohadi, and Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, among other senior party officials.

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