NEW: Hwende on the mend! 

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NEW: Hwende on the mend! 

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IT might have taken a couple of days, but Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) bantamweight champion and Zimbabwean, Nicholas Hwende, has given his first interview since his successful title defense over Nkazimulo “Zulu Boy” Zulu, at EFC 100 last week. 

Hwende won the fight by a unanimous decision, to cap off his first title defense in style. 

However, the 36-year-old came out of the fight worse for wear, as he injured his left eye. 

“I got punched in the eye during the first round, and it was not your ordinary punch, but one of those lethal punches that can cause damage,” said Hwende, on the injury in question. 

“It affected everything in terms of my game plan,” he said. 

Hwende is expected to run a few tests to assess the extent of the damage to his left eye, although the initial prognosis is not looking good. 

“The injury is bad, and will probably have to go see specialists to assess the full extent of the damage,” he said. 

The injury aside, Hwende remains very proud of his performance at EFC 100 on December 1. 

“The fight did not go the way I wanted it, mainly because of the injury. 

“But I still maintain that it was a good performance. 

“I think I showed great resilience to stay in the fight and, most importantly, got the win. 

“Zulu Boy is a good fighter, but I had heart, the skill and I think I won all the rounds of that fight. 

“I outwrestled him (after I got injured), pounded him, and out-grappled him. 

“It was a good fight and a good performance from my end,” he said. 

Hwende is expected to take the next couple of weeks to rest and heal the eye, after which he has sent out an open challenge to the bantamweight division. 

“The journey does not stop here,” he said. 

“I am going to take some time to heal my eye and see what comes up next for me in 2023. 

“I don’t know who is next, I don’t know who wants to be smashed next, but I will be taking all comers. 

“Should the opportunity to move on to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) present itself, then I will take it too,” he said. 

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