NEW: AFC expects improved agriculture financing

22 Sep, 2023 - 15:09 0 Views
NEW: AFC expects improved agriculture financing

The Sunday Mail

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AGRICULTURAL FINANCE CORPORATION (AFC) Holdings Limited says it is confident of growing support towards the country’s agriculture sector after getting Government backing.

AFC Holdings chief executive officer Mr Francis Macheka said: “The group acknowledges the support being received from Government in raising lines of credit and grants from development partners, which has enabled the financing of strategic, disruptive and transformative agriculture projects.

“The group has benefited from a strategic partnership with the African Development Bank (AfBD) and the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in both grant and line of credit.

“Growth in such funding structures will enable the group to raise adequate funding that has appropriate tenure and cost.”

Funding is important for the agriculture sector as it provides support for necessary investments, infrastructural development and capacity building.

It helps empower farmers to modernise their operations, increase productivity and improve their livelihoods.


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