Minister proposes an honour for the Chitepos

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Minister proposes an honour for the Chitepos Mr and Mrs Chitepo

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Ray Bande in Mutare

ZANU PF should expedite setting up the Chitepo Ideological College as a befitting honour to the late liberation war icons, Herbert and Victoria Chitepo, a politburo member has said.

Min. Mushohwe

Min. Mushohwe

Speaking at the late Cde Victoria Chitepo’s memorial service held in Bonda, Mutasa District in Manicaland, ruling party politburo member Dr Chris Mushowe urged party leadership in the province to vigorously push for the establishment of the college.

“I worked with the late Cde Victoria Chitepo since the time I was working in the President’s Office while she was a Minister until the time I became the Resident Minister. Both the late Cdes Herbert and Victoria Chitepo occupy an important place in the history of this country. This is the reason I feel we really need to expedite the process of establishing the Chitepo Ideological College. Party leadership really needs to think about it seriously. In fact leadership in Manicaland needs to be active in establishing the college,” he said.

Speaking during the same occasion, Minister of State for Manicaland Affairs Cde Mandi Chimene said the late Cde Victoria Chitepo was an epitome of good works. “Cde Victoria Chitepo was a lovely person with a tendency of putting community and national assignments ahead of personal matters. We have been challenged as a people of Bonda, Manicaland and Zimbabwe at large to emulate the good works she did. Emulate their humility and steadfastness,” said Cde Chimene.

Daughter to the late Cde Victoria Chitepo, Dr Thokozile Chitepo said the youth empowerment drive must continue as it was her late mother and father’s dream.

“She was our mother not in the biological sense but our mother as a community. In fact she used to give priority to other people’s needs ahead of her personal needs. As a husband and wife, the two were committed to their union. They taught us that family does not start and end in our home but goes beyond and even includes the surrounding community. Let me encourage the community here at Bonda to uphold the legacy that Mai Chitepo left. In the same breadth, we need to continue with the thrust to empower the youths. This was indeed the dream of our late mother and father. Let us carry on with the button in defence of what they fought for,” said Dr Chitepo.

Cde Victoria Chitepo died last month after she collapsed while preparing to attend a Central Committee meeting.

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