Eco-gardening the way to go

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Eco-gardening the way to go

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Mangwarara

THIS week we feature The Chase Dental Group & Orthodontic Centre in Mt Pleasant.

The place was opened in 2022 and is the brainchild of Dr Antony Chinhara.

It has a contemporary architectural design, which makes it suitable for current technologies and workflow patterns in dentistry.

Another difficult-to-ignore aspect is the manicured garden.

Here, you find a perfect example of eco-gardening as there is minimal adverse effect on the environment.

Right from the entrance, you can notice the impressive golden duranta among the elegant king palm trees (roystonea regia).

A massive display of multiple waterfalls is found in front of the car park, in the midst of an array of tropical plants.

Fever trees (acacia xanthophloea) stand out on the beautiful Kikuyu lawn.

To create such an eco-garden, there are a number of principles you must adhere to, starting with composting, where you can use kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable waste, waste teabags, and chicken, rabbit, cow or horse manure.

Composting is an eco-friendly way of replenishing the soil.

Mulching is another way of saving water while controlling weeds.

Different materials can be used for mulching, for example, shredded leaves, shredded bark, sawdust, straw and stones. Rubber mulch can also be used.

Mulch is useful as it stores heat throughout the day and releases it at night.

Another important eco-gardening tip is having efficient watering systems to conserve water.

An eco-friendly garden is marked by the presence of beneficial insects. These help with pollination and controlling bad bugs such as caterpillars.

Finally, use pesticides that are less harmful to both people and animals.


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