Class Act both on and off the court

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Class Act both on and off the court

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

MODEL citizen, local track star, netball trailblazer and now straight A-student; is there anything that Claris Kwaramba can’t do?

Having made her mark on the track as a national 100 and 200-meter champion on her way to becoming the youngest member of the current Zimbabwe national netball team; Kwaramba just bagged arguably the most important 20 points of her young life.

The World Cup-bound 19-year-old collected her ‘A’ Level results last week, after which the former Pamushana Mission student found out that she had just aced all her subjects—namely Shona, Literature, History and Religious Students.

“I was shocked when I heard that I had scooped 20 points because I did not foresee that at all, “said the Platinum Queens Goal Defender.

“Like everyone else, the exams were difficult for me and as an individual, one takes time to grade themselves.

“I have never rated myself an A-student, worse still after sitting for the exams last year,” said Kwaramba.

But rather than take credit, Kwaramba paid tribute to her coach Simbarashe Mlambo for the instrumental role he played in her studies. The Mutare-born track star said her mentor, who is an English teacher by profession, played a crucial role in her studies, giving a strict study schedule she had to adhere to. On top of her training sessions with Platinum Queens, he gave her five assignments she had to hand in at the end of every session.

“I was not very good in History,” said Kwaramba. “My netball coach, who is a Literature teacher, fancies himself quite the historian and decided to chip in and help me.

“Aside from my training schedule, I had to hand in five history assignments every week, writing one each week day,” said the young Gem, who now aspires to be a lawyer. In turn, Kwaramba has now pledged to stay with Platinum Queens, this despite the that fact offers are highly likely to come by the bucket.

“Platinum Queens has helped make me the person I am today, both on and off the court, and leaving is not an option. “When I came here, I was lacking in confidence and had so much to learn, but coach Mlambo went beyond the call of duty to help me.

“Now, I am a straight A-student, the youngest member of the Gems outfit and doing well in athletics too.

“I owe all that to him (Mlambo).

“Whichever University I enrol in; I hope it doesn’t affect my club commitments because Platinum Queens is my home.

“They need me and I need them too,” she said. What a classy act!

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