Choose positivity

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Choose positivity

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YOUR greatness will be determined by where you choose to walk, where you dare stand and where you sit. Stop making wishes and start making decisions. Choose positivity.

Hunt for Greatness

Milton Kamwendo

Choose to walk with positive people and you will appreciate the opportunities around you. Choose to stand on the shoulders of giants and you will see that you, too, can be great. Choose to sit with those who stretch your thinking and challenge you, and you will never be the same again. You are the outcome of your choices. If you do not like the results that you are getting, make different choices.


Set your priorities right. Prioritise walking with the wise and you will be wiser. Your company predicts your future. Disconnect from negative talkers and thinkers. Disconnect from those who are going backwards. Focus on where you are going. Choose and commit to positivity.


Stop merely watching the clock and wasting your life. Decide to make your time count. You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. Stop watching the clock and merely telling time as it passes by. Go beyond the cynical commentary of life events. Choose to be a clock builder, instead of being a mere time teller.

Be incurably positive. Purposefully work with time and the reality at hand. No delay must ever make you an incessant complainer. Delays test your commitment. A delay is not a denial. Choose to wait for your vision’s appointed time.


It is not your location that matters but your choices. It is not where you have been that matters, but where you are going. Choose your destination and focus will flow into you action.

Choose positivity. Do not despair because of where you are. You choose today and the train of cause and effect leaves the station. Once you choose positivity, nothing remains stationary. Pepper your dreams and goals with the bright possibilities of positive choices.


Delays are not denials. Do not give up because history seems to be stacked against you. Your disadvantage is your vantage when you choose positivity. It fills your eyes with vision and unseen possibilities. There is no challenge that is big enough to overwhelm or drown you. Do not despair yet and lose heart. Choose positivity.


Fight for positivity. You will never outgrow fighting. There is always a deluge of negativity threatening to carry you along. Every environment always has a voice. It is up to you to see either the limitations or the opportunities.

Choose to be positive and work on the opportunities side of issues. Stop being obsessed with negative commentary and get working. Work patiently but never at a negative lazy pace. Positivity strengthens your spine while negativity defeats you and breaks your spirit.


Your future is waiting for you. Let it find you prepared and ready. If it finds you in despair and despondency, it will harass you. Greatness belongs to those who believe in the positivity of their dreams.

Faith is power to create and manifest positivity. What was is now history. The future excites visionaries. The future has its challenges, and these are far smaller than languishing in false comforts of negativity.

You are too important to live a spiritless life. You are too strong to give up now. Challenge your challenges, doubt your doubts and face your facts until positivity emerges. Face the brutal facts. Positivity is always there when you choose it.


You are not dead yet, so do not give up. Live until your last breath. Until then, it is action time. Choose positivity. Do not die just yet. Spark up with positivity. Life should always be more than a mere existence and quiet desperation.

Some days are slow and challenging. Do not despair. Times and seasons change. Life streams forward. Feelings are not an accurate instrument for measuring progress. Do not allow feelings of despair to overwhelm you. Choose positivity and keep on the right path. Keep your eyes on your most noble dreams.


Do not allow the nightmares of others to scare you. Do not allow prophets of doom to deter you. Choose positivity and stay on course. Stick to the knitting.

You had a dream. Keep it. You are dreaming big and bold. Keep dreaming intentionally and acting rationally. Live your life by design and not accident. Let your crystallised goals shine so bright in your eyes that you are blinded from negativity.

Set stretching goals. Reach for an exciting future without excuses. Pursue your goals with vigour. All you need now is to sustain the momentum and keep doing what you know you must. Choose positivity. Keep doing what you started doing and have learnt to do. Do not be disappointed if the night is a little longer. Daybreak comes. No night lasts forever. Choose positivity. Do not die in the winter of your life.


Choose positivity and do not stop dreaming, daring, planning and panning. When you stop dreaming, your life stops happening. Whatever happens to you, do not throw away your dreams. Do not start dreaming in greyscale, when you can choose to dream in colour.

Stop looking around for the approval of people. Not everyone will understand you. People may not understand you. How can they when they do not see your colour wheel and vision board?

Some people may ignore you because they see the present. For you, the colour of the future is very bright and colourful. Feed on the positive. Fuel your dreams with positive energy. Do not give up.

If other people do not see what you see, that does not mean you are seeing nothing. Vision fuels action. Choose positivity. Keep your laser focus on greatness. Dream big, bigger and bigger. Greatness is your birthright when you choose positivity.

If you have time to waste, find me a negative, pessimistic, disillusioned, complaining, bitter and despondent achiever.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author and an accomplished workshop facilitator. He is a cutting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: [email protected]


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