Behold Jah Signal explodes!

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Behold Jah Signal explodes!

The Sunday Mail

Prince Mushawevato

DESPITE recent negative headlines, it appears the heavens keep smiling on dancehall singer, Jah Signal.

The musician’s stock is rising with each passing day, just like his famous leaps on stage, which can easily arouse a kangaroo’s envy.

Armed with a hit album, “Jaya”, and sing-along songs like “Sweetie” (Shinga Muroora), “Yekedero”, “Stonyeni” and “Ndakakumaka” —Jah Signal is creating seductive waves that have captured the attention of not only locals but across continents.

Career wise, he is yet to set his foot wrong. This probably explains why Jamaicans are interested in signing the musician. The “Jaya” singer’s case is unlike that of some local musicians that have gone to extremes, splashing thousands of United States dollars to secure not so appealing collaborations.

It is only pure talent that has done the trick for Jah Signal.

Fresh from winning a “Song of the Year” gong at the recent inaugural Star FM Music Awards, Jah Signal’s exploits have also been acknowledged in Jamaica. The dancehall singer was an easy pick for a Caribbean nation producer among his peers for a collaboration with Jamaican music greats on the track “Zimbabwe Peace Song”.

The track boasts the voices of Tony Rebel, Lt. Stitchie, Queen Ifrica, Tasha T, Chuck Fenda and Exco Levi. But that is hardly the climax — the opportunity is proving to be a career defining moment for the rising star.

He is set to fly to Jamaica for finalisation of a recording deal with Wurl Trema Records. Part of the deal guarantees more collaborations, music marketing in Caribbean nations and a general recording contract.

He will also have the privilege to record with an experienced power house band featuring Lia Caribe and Mr Diamond. Wurl Trema is a reputable Jamaican music production company focused on producing Reggae and other Caribbean influenced music. The label also has footsteps in Toronto, Canada and is led by Brenton Messado — a producer/keyboardist for international reggae star Busy Signal.

Speaking from Jamaica last week, Brenton Messado confirmed they had massive interest in Jah Signal’s talent.

“I chose Jah Signal to be part of the peace song because I wanted a talented person who could speak to the people of Zimbabwe for them to realise that togetherness is peace. I have since invited Jah Signal to Jamaica for more collaborations with our artistes and to see the beauty of Jamaica,” revealed Messado.

“I would love to get him (Jah Signal) on Wurl Trema Label if that is possible. He is talented and I will connect him with as much Jamaican artistes as possible. Automatic connections are currently available in the form of Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Chuck Fenda, Lt. Stitchie and Exco Levi.

‘‘I’m also going to connect him with new Jamaican young artistes to bridge the two cultures.”

Messado does not make secret his respect for Zimbabwe and its people. The seasoned producer has landed in Harare at least three times. First was when he came with Mr Vegas and the other two times he was part of Busy Signal’s entourage.

“I did the apolitical song for Zimbabwe because of the love I have for the country. In as much as we can have the video shoot in Jamaica, I feel it is best we do it in Zimbabwe since the song is about Zimbabwe and should market your tourism attractions.

“Thus I’m working on bringing all the artistes involved that side. It will be good if all relevant authorities like the Zimbabwe tourism guys take part in the project,” said Messado.

Jah Signal is upbeat about the developments. He reckons a new chapter is unfolding in his calling.

“This is a lifetime breakthrough that every artiste wishes to get. The Jamaican connection will help boost my career as I will learn a lot both from legends and upcoming musicians,” said Jah Signal.

Socialite and music promoter Wanisayi Mutandwa aka Mahwindo, who is part of the Jamaican deal facilitation team notes big things beckon for Jah Signal.

“Doors are open for Signal because of his talent, hard work, humility and the respect he has for fans and fellow artistes. As it stands we are finalising the paperwork for him to travel to Jamaica. I have some working experience with Jamaican artistes through my mentor Chipaz and I can assure you this is a big deal. His career will never be the same after this,” said Mahwindo.

Jah Signal’s career growth has been phenomenal.

In 2018, the “Sweetie” singer won the Best Collaboration Song at the Zim dancehall Awards. Demand for his services skyrocketed and is not only limited to Jamaica’s confines. He has also left lasting impressions on stage in Australia, Cyprus, Dubai, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

With support from his manager Hillary “Punchline” Mutake and fans, the future can only be bright for the singer. Tinmac Foundation, Innocent “Mhofela” Shito, Nash Paints, Mike Chimombe, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Silent Killer Promotions and Boss Dany have all played a hand in financially stabilising the artiste.

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