As long as the sun rises

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As long as the sun rises

The Sunday Mail

Brian Ngosi

I once found myself going through some very bad days; it was destroying me inside.

There was a lot of talk around me.

Loud voices echoed that my situation was bad.

I have seen people who seem to comprehend the darkness engulfing society, so much that they can write a thick volume on it.

In the thick of the pain I stood firm. I believed that as long as the sun rises, I would bounce back.

Do not concentrate on the terrible situation you are facing.

Concentrating on how low you have sunk will not change your situation.

It is enough to acknowledge that the situation is bad, but quickly look to the future.

Before you come up with a plan, you need the correct mind-set.

Be ready to take off.

It may get worse before it gets better, but always look to the brighter side.

If you sit on your laurels, you will become your worst enemy.

As long as the sun rises, keep the hope and faith.

What makes you hopeful is that you have the chance to fight again.

Grab the next best opportunity, and nothing may stop you.

You can be in the worst of situations, but don’t forget to smile.

You cannot afford to be so mad and frustrated with life that everyone becomes an enemy.

There is no wisdom in being so engrossed in what went wrong, that you cannot see the sun rising.

Do not miss the next best possible opportunity by burying your head in yesterday’s problem.

Hatred, vengeance and anger can cloud your judgement.

Buckle up and be ready for the sun will surely rise.

With each new day put yourself together and be ready for the new challenge.

Life will not get easier, but should be tougher.

The best lesson from a bad patch is to be toughened enough to face whatever comes your way the next day.

It takes patience to endure difficult time.

But you learn a lot during tough times.

Those lessons are the ones which should sharpen you when a new dawn comes.

Even at the rock bottom, position yourself for greatness.

When you are hard hit, you can choose to stop fighting to focus and reserve your energy for your rebound.

As long as the sun rises.

You can pick yourself up with dignity, if you put your best foot forward.

Falling has never been a problem, but failure to pick yourself up is your death trap.

When you accept that some things are beyond human control and your personal power, you will be alive to the fact that the sun will rise no matter how dark your night is.

Utilise your darkest hours to rejuvenate yourself, because when the sun rises you need to be sparkling.

Speak to your situation, and have the courage to declare fitness when the sun rises.

Your bad days should prepare you for the new season that is upon you.

Do not let not the rising sun find you broken and weary.

See yourself through the night, the sun will surely rise.


*Brian Ngosi is a life coach and motivational writer with a desire to inspire individuals to make a difference for the greater good of society. Brian can be interacted with on: brian.ngosi[email protected], Facebook: #BN_inspired or WhatsApp: +263772440383


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