A book on the power of forgiveness

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A book on the  power of forgiveness

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Edmore Zvinonzwa

TALENTED young writer Fortune Nyabeze’s second book, “Letting Go”, was recently launched in Harare at an event hosted by the founder of Life Issues with FGK.

Published by Fungayi Sox Publishing Consultants, the book is about the power of forgiveness and how letting go can free one from the bondage of holding on to grudges and past painful experiences.

The writer draws from his own experiences with the hope of helping individuals in such a predicament and advising them to let go and move on to a new and better life.

Nyabeze said he is inspired by United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, arguing “his principles, ideology, his message to the people, how he conducts himself and the perseverance he has to carry on with the vision through conspiracies allegedly associated with his name” have emboldened him.

“I have learnt not to give up no matter what I go through,” the young writer said in an interview.

Speaking at the launch, founder and executive director of Life Issues with FGK, Mrs Fortunate Kufakunesu, emphasised the importance of books in people’s lives.

She said everyone has a powerful story within them that could be a turning point in someone else’s life.

“Books are a way of ministration where a lot of lessons are drawn and great deliverance happens as we read them. And the advantage of a book is that it can reach a wider audience since it is not limited by distance, like this setting here where we have the book but the author is abroad.”

While we encourage each other to write more, she added, we must also develop a reading culture.

Mrs Kufakunesu added that when people read, they get to know a lot of things, which, in turn, will liberate them.

She quoted prominent American activist Frederick Douglass, who once said: “Once you learn to read you are free.”

This is not the first time that Life Issues with FGK has held a book event.

Last year, they hosted a book
writing competition for youths, encouraging them to showcase their talent.

Nyabeze was born in Mutare and attended Cranborne Boys High School in Harare before proceeding to Wuhan University in China, where he studied software engineering.

He completed his studies in 2017.

His first book, “God First”, was published last year.

“Letting Go”, a powerful book by any standards, is a must-read that will no doubt impact people’s lives.

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