2000 retailers busted for abusing consumers

31 Mar, 2024 - 00:03 0 Views
2000 retailers busted for abusing consumers Dr Nkosi

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MORE than 2 000 retailers have been penalised for violations such as selling expired products and failing to properly label goods and display prices.

A nationwide crackdown by the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) launched in March last year has witnessed major retail outlets and telecommunications companies being brought to book.

“So far, over 2 000 businesses have been prosecuted for violating the Consumer Protection Act,” said CPC chairperson Dr Mthokozisi Nkosi.

“The major violations include, but are not limited to, selling expired products, selling substandard products, not issuing customers with receipts, selling products which are not properly labelled and charging different prices from those on display.”

The CPC is presently recruiting more inspectors, compliance officers and investigators “who will move around shops checking whether businesses are complying with provisions of the law”.

The commission, Dr Nkosi added, was also working on a plan to help the Government arrest the recent volatility of prices of basic goods.

“The price escalation caused by exchange rate movements in the market calls for businesses to behave responsibly and not kill the goose that lays the golden egg,” he said.

“They are driving customers away by trying to make a 100 percent profit, instead of focusing on small turnovers that attract more customers.

“Businesses are encouraged to respect consumer rights by following provisions of the law.”

He urged businesses to levy reasonable profit margins to prevent widespread price hikes.

“The commission is engaging relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Finance (Economic Development and Investment Promotion), to address exchange rate and price movement issues.

“We are currently preparing a report on our market observations, and after that, we will engage the Ministry of Finance and other industry players to promote fairness in the market.”

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