Warrant of arrest for ‘fraudster’ Prophet Angel

Prophet Angel

A warrant of arrest has been issued for Spirit Embassy Church leader Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire after he failed to appear in court to answer to fraud charges involving a luxury vehicle worth US$300 000.

The police Vehicle Theft Unit is looking for the flamboyant preacher who is understood to be shuttling between the United Kingdom and the United States. He left Zimbabwe in May 2014.

Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe issued the warrant on Christmas Eve when he did not appear in court to respond to allegations of lying to businessman Mr Ndabazinengi Shava that he would “harvest” several vehicles and money if he “seeded” his Bentley Continental to the preacher.

Efforts to get a comment from Prophet Angel over the last fortnight were unsuccessful while church officials in Harare were tight-lipped.

The warrant reads, in part: “Whereas from the information taken upon oath, there are reasonable grounds of suspicion against Ubert Angel Mudzanire, founder of Spirit Embassy Church with no further particulars known, committed a crime of fraud as defined in Section 136 Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 which occurred sometime in June 2013.

“It is alleged that he intentionally misrepresented to Shava Ndabazinengi. . .being the director of Faith-Edge Holdings (in Harare) that if he cedes his motor vehicle, a Bentley Continental, black in colour on registration number ACO 1759, engine number CKHOO2121, chasis number SCBDH23WOBC68373, complainant would in eight months receive several vehicles, assets and money as blessings and if nothing materialises the accused person would return the same motor vehicle to the complainant when in actual fact all this was not true and instead the accused person sold the car without the complainant thereby converting the proceeds to his own use.

“These are (police) therefore in the State’s name to command you that immediately upon sight apprehend and bring the said person or cause him to be apprehended and brought before the court of a magistrate to be examined and to answer to the said information and to be further dealt with according to law.”

After spending 12 years overseas, Prophet Angel returned to Zimbabwe in March 2011, and his congregation grew rapidly as multitudes embraced his charismatic style and “miracles”.

The church held services in the Harare International Conference Centre auditorium; subsequently in the Rainbow Towers grounds and later at Harare Exhibition Park.

He suddenly relocated to the UK last year amid speculation that he was seriously ill, a fugitive or bankrupt.

Prophet Angel is yet to comment on all these issues, though recent tweets on what is believed to be his Twitter account indicate he is preaching in the US and the UK.

The fraud allegations came to public knowledge in 2014 when Mr Shava approached the courts.

Prophet Angel’s co-accused, Anderson Tagara, a Harare-based businessman, has already appeared in court and will be back in the dock this Tuesday.

At Tagara’s initial appearance, Prophet Angel was named the “main perpetrator of the case”.

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  • b c

    This case should be a lesson to many people. These so-called prophets, Mudzanire, Makandiwa, Magaya etc are all fraudsters. The foolish are told what they want to hear, and in the process coerced into parting with their assets through the so-called “seeding”. With the desire for quick riches, desperation for healing and problem resolution many have fallen prey like Shava did. One wonders how many others out there have lost their hard-earned money and assets which they never needed to part with. Add up all the tithes and offerings you have been committing for all that long and see what else you could have done with that money for yourself and your loved ones. And the wasted time attending these gatherings to be told lies. Then ask yourself what you received in return – NOTHING! It is like throwing money down the drain.

  • redaz

    In the evangelical game, you blame lack of results on the victim.

  • MweniTafara

    Iwe Brian Chitemba, nyaya yawatanga iyi ichatipondesa nemabrainwashed folllowers or converts vachiti how you dare report about Lord Jesus’ sibbling.

    Religious indoctrination is a cancer we need to fight in Africa because it retards our social development because every time we confront a problem, we do not solve it but simply surrender it to the late son of Joseph and Mary, Jesus who was killed by others and could not solve his own problems.

  • Mapingire Charles Garikayi

    Its unfortunate that Zimbabwe has no respect for Prophets lf he was a traditional healer there was no problem.The man has decided to be away because of spirited campaign to drive him away. The man is gifted that can be denied by others its normal because of our different religious beliefs but l encourage members of his denomination not to loose sleep over this .be strong it will come to pass

    • Guranyanga

      This is day light robbery Charlie boy!!! Someone comes to you and says if you hand me over your money I will give you more money.You gut to be thick as brick to believe that crap.

  • Mapingire Charles Garikayi

    The services of Prophets is not appreciated in Zimbabwe. There is a spirited campaign to drive them away. Zimbabwe has 14 million people and it is usual to differ on religious grounds but this man is gifted and we cannot celebrate when he is offering services outside the Continent l encourage members of his denomination not to loose sleep over this it shall come to pass.The lives of many were changed by this person .

  • shasha

    Hama tererai: Endai kuma tradtional churches anoti Roma, Anglican, Methodist, Reformed church, Lutheran Church, Salvation Army etc munonamata Mwari wenyu zvisina pressure.
    Siyanai netwumachurch twematsotsi to avoid the following:
    Kukwirirwa vakadzi venyu(emphasis),
    Kuitirwa abused vana(emphasis),
    Physical and psychological harm muchidonhedzwa zvichinzi fire! fire!,
    Kuvenganiswa nehama dzenyu pamwe neshamwari dzenyu,(emphasis),
    Kuwana zvinhu zvausina kushandira,
    Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, you may add if you want.
    God is everywhere, is for everyone and haanamatwe zvenharo.
    Take your family and go to traditional churches in order to avoid stress…kwete kuomesa musoro zvemangamanga iwe uchiitwa chikorobho.
    Vanenzeve vanzwa!!

  • old school

    Greed greed and greed

  • Imbwa Yemunhu

    Bring back the bentley Mudzanire

  • Peter Kufahakuurayi

    I am not Angel’s fan either BUT I largely blame Mr Shava, if not insult him too. When you seed to God, you must know that this is not a give-give transaction especially if God is the ultimate giver of everything with power too to withhold or take back. Secondly with a US30,000 worth of a car, if he needed more he could sell it and buy 6 more quality cars than involve God’s spirit in such stupid things