Makandiwa has case to answer over ‘fake prophecies’: High Court

UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s misrepresentations to business couple, Mr Upenyu Mashangwa and wife, Blessing, bordered on fraudulent activities which could have resulted in serious losses for the latter.

High Court judge Justice David Mangota ruled that Prophet Makandiwa, who applied for exception in September 2017, acted wrongfully and caused fraud, giving a strong case in the US$6,5 million lawsuit filed by the Mashangwas.

Prophet Makandiwa was dragged to court by the Mashangwas for making a “false prophecy” that their US$500 000 bank loan would be cancelled but the couple ended up losing their Marlborough house.

The UFIC leader is also being sued for claiming that Mr Tichaona Mawere was a good lawyer who would never lose a case, yet he was a deregistered lawyer.

The Mashangwas are also claiming damages because they were called on to the UFIC stage during a church service where Prophet Makandiwa would announce to the congregants that the couple was a successful example of the church.

“Such statements encouraged the plaintiffs (Mr and Mrs Mashangwa) to put more and more contributions in the form of money into the third defendant’s (UFIC) pocket.”

Prophet Makandiwa is being sued for parading the Mashangwa couple as chosen people whom God showered with blessings to a point where they were regarded as successful businesspeople.

Justice Mangota said: “It is evident, from the foregoing, that the plaintiffs and the defendants enjoyed very good social, and possibly spiritual, ties. That fact alone explains why the plaintiffs took the word of the defendants more seriously than any other member of the third defendant did.

“The plaintiffs’ case in regard to the four claims is watertight. There is nothing which is vague and/or embarrassing in each of those claims. Their cause of action is clear, cogent and to the point. The claim fall neatly into the delict of fraud. They are neither frivolous nor vexatious.”

Justice Mangota also ordered the Mashangwas to amend two defamation claims within 10 days.

Prophet Makandiwa had applied for exception but Justice Mangota noted that the conviction of Robert Martin Gumbura, who was also a church leader, was proof that every person is fallible and no one was immune to making mistakes.

“That is so notwithstanding the person’s standing — social, spiritual or otherwise — in society. The second is that, where one commits a crime or a wrong (ie delict) the person cannot escape the long arm of the law.

“He will either be prosecuted or sued, depending on what is alleged to have been done. That depends on the definition society places on his conduct. That will, once again, occur irrespective of his status — social, spiritual or otherwise — in society.

“Applying the above-observed matters to the current case, therefore, the defendants (Prophet Makandiwa, his wife Ruth and UFIC) cannot be allowed to hide behind the proposition that their situation relates to ecclesiastical matters which the court has no jurisdiction to determine.”

Justice Mangota said Prophet Makandiwa was properly sued because of the statements which he made and the fact that he was also close to the Mashangwas.

He then dismissed Prophet Makandiwa’s exception application with costs. The matter will proceed in terms of the High Court Rules, 1971.

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    Takazviziva kare nyaya isati yaitwa republished kuti pane mumwe murume akabhadhara mari kuti nyaya iyi ibude muSunday mail. Hakasi kekutanga mari dzichibhadharwa kusvibisa zita raVaMakandiwa. Gore rino tinopedzerana chete. The whole dirty and evil chain from pastors, police officers, laywers, judges, editors, journalists, writers, so called church members they are going down. We are taking no prisoners

    • Blueband

      The case is in a public court no need to bribe sundaymail to publish it.

    • Ola

      @ERSpecial and Muwoni, I can’t agree with you more, we have amazing gifts in Zimbabwe- God’s very very best, directly from God’s heart.

      It’s not fair that, other people want to teach us how to relate to, Prophets.

      We read in the bible that Elisha followed another man Elijah, until he saw him going and the jacket he got changed every thing. That following aspect is important…unotowana chete kapasuro kako, saka ivava ndovatasarudza isu, zvedu. Tosangana mberi imi itai zvekwenyu, isu zvekwedu.


  • ERSpecial

    AMEN MUWONI I most definitely agree with you , Makandiwa is an amazing man of God very humble and very different from all the others , he is so much loved by God and in this nation we are so fortunate to have him living here. All these attacks are from jealous individuals and very soon they shall fall .Makandiwa is a good man , follow him and see for yourself.

  • Ola

    In October 2016, we almost lost a Mother, but because of the Prophets of God, who have been sent by God, for such a time as this, Mum is still around and doing much better.

    The Prophets addressed my Mum’s condition from the pulpit in Harare and that was it. We never told the Prophets Mum’s condition but God told them directly to sent a word of healing over 250 km away. A condition that could have taken her life, was addressed. Glory be to God.

    The Prophets have not only done this for me and my family, but several other people have been saved from the jaws of death because of the grace that is upon the Prophets and the Prophetic grace that they command.

    One time I attended a healing session in Harare, where the Prophets prayed for everyone-packed to full capacity, many of you will remember the capacity of the city sports centre. Most people either did not have money to be attended by Doctors, or the Doctors had given up.

    Assuming the Prophets were desperate for cash as you say, they could have charged all patients- as Doctors do- Consultation- USD 20 per person multiplied by 10 000 patients. But he chose to do that for free. That all got healed he could have charged more.

    Does this country have the capacity to hospitalise all these people? And yet the Prophets take to time to address all such diverse needs in a single service. We have to appreciate both their physical and spiritual stamina. Any sane person can see how physically demanding the Prophets’ work is. And yet we choose to criticise. The Prophets can’t afford to go for a long holiday, the work is massive, but the true shepherds are few.

    The way the stories about the Prophets are covered by some media houses leaves a lot to be desired. You would think the Prophets are very old people whose entire lives have been about eating people’s money. It’s truth be told, age wise these are very young and the way that they have handled Ministry affairs is just a miracle, a sign that it’s God’s Ministry and they are only doing their assigned duties. With all the negative energy that we Zimbabweans exude, if it is not God’s sustenance what else and who else?

    May God keep your dear servants of God. You mean the world to us. Keep going and keep shining, this is the labour of love, and God is watching. You are more precious, more special, more and more.

    Now this one, when people give money in church, it’s like a battle cry. The world does not like it when children of light give in church. Its a secret that many don’t know. But we shall continue to give until God blesses us. Not that I am against people who spent their money on alcohol, but check this one,

    “1. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti – Romanee-Conti Grand Cru – Burgundy, France
    Average price per bottle: £11,793
    Most expensive vintage: 1990, £15,702 per bottle
    Romanee-Conti is one of two monopoles owned by the world renowned Domaine de La Romanée Conti – often abbreviated to DRC – and is widely regarded as the most sought after wine in the world”

    One bottle of wine costs that much and the rich can have as many bottles as they want for pleasure, and never remember orphans, elderly, disabled, childre with no fees, divorced women, broken families, the sick etc but no one writes about that. Yet if we give such an offering to church, there is a battle cry. It is in church where the weak have been made strong, the poor rich etc.

    Its a pity that for the love of money and benefits- Makandiwa court cases are being fabricated somewhere, by even some respected people in this society, the day this list shall be released and what each person contributed and where the secret meetings are conducted the world will be shocked. There is an error under the heaven.

    The day is coming, most of us have referred to the Makandiwas as Prophets but I am not sure we are aware about their capacity and level in spiritual matters. Young in physical age, but the ‘ancient of days’, the Prophets are here, and because you have provoked them, it shall be proven, who hears from God, and unto to all dominance shall be publicly proved. May my true Prophet stand out among Baal’s Prophets one more time.

    Its time for the manifestation of the true sons.


  • Saint

    A false and arogant fortune teller ||

    • Ola

      Given the opportunity to speak, these are the only words that come to your mind?

      I am just wondering if we would get the opportunity to listen to you continously the whole day, how much value can we honestly derive from you?

      My humble advice, is if there are issues you don’t understand well, you are allowed to take your time and investigate fully. No one is coerced to believe anything, which is the standard.

      But to label things you don’t know as ‘false and arrogant’ is also grave arrogance on your part. Only name those things you can control or have control over, lest they name you too, and don’t be found crying foul in the morow

  • gerro

    One down…Malaya next the rest will follow…Fake Pastors…bloody thieves stealing from the downtrodden…I’m aghast

  • Tawanda

    The Prophet will never cease to be a Man of God no-matter the stones they throw.Long Live Prophet