Zvirekwi’s new begining

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The Sunday Mail

Don Makanyanga

Today, it’s like it never happened.

Hardlife Zvirekwi goes about his business, pretty much like every other footballer in the country: he eats, sleeps and breathes football.

But deep down in his heart, the 31-year-old appreciates that it was only through God’s grace that he is alive, let alone able to enjoy yet another season with his beloved Caps United family.

“For me to be still able to play football is a miracle all on its own, let alone to have survived and being able to tell my story,” said the Caps United skipper.

“No one expected me to be where I am today. Even the medical practitioners that attended to me were not as optimistic,” he said.

It’s been roughly ten months since that fateful March morning, when a freak accident almost robbed the Green Machine of one its beloved sons.

Six months after making a comeback many never thought possible, Zvirekwi received a belated Christmas present as the Caps United family renewed his contract.

And one of his New Year’s resolutions will be to cherish every single day, for it is only through God’s grace that he is still alive and able to go to work every day.

“I was involved in a horrific accident and had it not been through God’s grace, we would be talking of a different story,” said the soft-spoken 31-year-old.

“It was simply miraculous that I was able to walk out of that accident with my life. I believe that it only happened because God deemed it so,” said Zvirekwi, who had his left hand amputated near the wrist as a result of the accident.

He even swears that his comeback — just after four months away — is because of divine intervention.

After the horrific accident, Zvirekwi’s first featured for Caps United in the nil-all draw against Harare City, with diminutive midfielder coming in for the last three minutes of that game.

And what an emotional moment it was.

Both sets of supporters gave the former Zimbabwe international a standing ovation the minute he stepped onto the pitch.

Zvirekwi says he was so moved that he had to master all his emotional stamina to avoid breaking down.

“My return to the field of play was as emotional as any incident can get,” said Hardlife

“It was my first game back, the whole stadium stood up in ovation and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

“I was just happy to be back home and still be able to do what I love doing most,” he said.

The talented player also spent the better part of the four months he was sidelined kneeling in prayer.

“Being away from playing football was painful because football is part of me,” he said.

“It was a very sad chapter in my life, but it pushed me closer to God.

“I would spend most of my free time praying, and I think I have grown in both my faith and my belief.

“It was also a difficult time for me and my family.

“I learnt that no matter how difficult the situation gets, all one needs to do is dust themselves up and put all their worries and challenges in God’s hands,” he said.

Since his return onto the field of play on July 7 2018, Zvirekwi has tried to honour the help and sacrifice those near him endured during his rehabilitation.

He scored two goals last season, dedicating the first goal to his family and the whole football fraternity.

“The goal that I scored after returning to the field of play was as emotional as my first match returning from the injury suffered against Harare City.

“I dedicated it to my family and the whole football fraternity for standing by me during trying times.

“My comeback was not about me, but it was more about my immediate family, the Caps United family, and the football family as a whole.

“They supported me financially, emotionally and this strengthened me,” he said.

The Caps United winger has since dedicated his life to God, for it was through him that he survived the crash and is able to tell his story and inspire many budding footballers.

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