ZITF and new technology launches

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ZITF and new technology launches

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ZITFTHE Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is the largest intra-regional Trade Fair in Southern Africa. This is an annual exhibition which offers exposure to both trade and public visitors. The multi-sectoral, multi-national expo provides the largest, most convenient trade hub in the region.

It is held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city.
The major highlight of the exhibition is the annual one-day premier business conference which was on Wednesday 23 April in partnership with the National Economic Consultative Forum.

The conference attracted business people in the local industry, Government officials, regional and international exhibitors and ran under the theme “Technology and Innovation”.

The Trade Fair provides for an environment that supports entrepreneurship and cultivates the development of new technology.
As technology becomes more integrated, there is need to find solutions for new technology (i.e. mobile security and mobile banking).

These can be displayed for people to see and experience. This is a wonderful time to reach diverse audience from public sector, private sector companies, international companies and ordinary people and drive them to adopt the latest game-changing technology.

It is an excellent platform for companies to showcase their technologies and help educate its valued customers and partners.
It is an opportunity for the support for business partnership and growth in mobile and smartphone penetration countrywide.

When customers visit and see exhibitions then physically hold products, this helps enhance user experience over the course of the five days.
By having face-to-face communication with potential and existing customers, ZITF gives a better understanding on what customers want and need.

ZITF assists businesses reinvent themselves for the benefit of its customers when it showcases its products both to local and international markets, thus, opening investment opportunities for the growth of the economy.

In a world almost bursting at its seams with smartphones and wearables such as fitness bands, cameras and smart glasses, it takes something special to stand out, and Gtel did this at the 55th edition of the ZITF by showcasing A704i INSPIRE-S as one of its smartphones on display.
This is a worthy upgrade and fits your budget.

It has the signature dual-sim with a curve and adequately slim design. Measuring 129 x 68 x 11,1 mm the thin body of this smartphone gives it a unique ulterior one can definitely not miss.

With a smooth, radiant striking body, the Inspire-S is the perfect housing for all the highly developed apps and features it carries.
The A704i Inspire-S comes built with a 4,3 inch WVGA screen which offers better image quality and higher resolutions.
It possesses advanced electronic qualities and just the right properties for a good display.

With an LCD resolution of 800 x 480, the display gives full viewing at any angle, broad display experience, true colour and advanced multi-touch capabilities.

Powered with a Quad Core 1,3 Gigahertz CPU, the A704i Inspire-S is undoubtedly a high speed smartphone.
Multi-tasking has never been easier with the advanced ability to run at least 9 heavy applications, as a result apps launch, web pages load and email attachments appear almost instantly.

It is equipped with a 5,0 Megapixel Auto Focus rear camera. The A704i Inspire-S takes good quality pictures.
Furthermore, the 5,0 Megapixel rear camera has been designed in such a way that images are captured faster with better low light performance and 100 percent noise reduction when taking videos together with improved picture quality.

The A704i also has a front facing camera which can be used to take “selfies”.
The Inspire-S runs on Android OS, Jelly Bean version 4,2 Jellybean enables the device to have a responsive interface.
It comes with advanced power saving technology that enables CPU to run at the lowest speed when on standby.

This smartphone comes with a long life battery of 1700mAh which gives high quality, high capacity, high performance, high security and ultimately high standards of green battery.

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