Zinara rot exposed

25 Mar, 2018 - 00:03 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now in receipt of a forensic audit report exposing a host of shenanigans at Zinara, which could have prejudiced the roads authority of several millions of dollars.

The forensic probe by Grant Thornton unearthed gross abuse of funds in “special projects” improperly awarded to contractors with collusion of senior Zinara managers.

After Grant Thornton concluded the forensic report, a Government probe team was constituted to look into the issues raised. Government investigators were appointed in terms of Section 46(2) of the Procurement Act after the Office of the President and Cabinet directed the then State Procurement Board (now Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe) to commission an investigation into various areas flagged in the forensic report.

The investigators included officials from the Auditor-General’s Office and the National Economic Conduct Inspectorate.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo said, “(A fortnight ago) I gave the President a copy of the report to go through it. The report also contains some recommendations by the committee.

“They are also supposed to make a presentation on this report any time from now then I can meet with the President and also make a presentation.” Senior public officials reportedly tried to block investigations.

The report also showed that some companies contracted by Zinara were paid in full before completion of work that was classified as substandard.

The report also showed that some companies involved in the project were unknown to Government at the time the deals were signed.

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