Zimbabweans embracing self-belief, pride: President

23 Jun, 2024 - 00:06 0 Views
Zimbabweans embracing  self-belief, pride: President President Mnangagwa hands over keys to Ms Florence Makombe, chief director for the Industry Division in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, a beneficiary of the Public Service Commission Pension Fund Madokero Creek housing project, during the commissioning ceremony in Harare on Friday. — Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

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A POWERFUL wave of self-belief, ownership and pride is sweeping across the country, indicating a growing conviction among Zimbabweans that the country’s future development rests firmly in the hands of its people, President Mnangagwa has said.

Speaking at the official opening of Madokero Creek and commissioning of the Madokero Mall Phase 2 extension project in Harare, the President highlighted the importance of collective responsibility in driving the country’s progress.

The project was funded through the Public Service Pension Fund, which is managed by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

“Harnessing local talent, resources and innovation, especially that of our young entrepreneurs, should be promoted across all national projects,” said President Mnangagwa.

“The collaboration between the Public Service Commission and local stakeholders in the built environment and property development space reflects the sense of self-belief, ownership and pride that is taking root among Zimbabweans.

“The future of our nation lies in our hands and nowhere else.”

Such projects, he said, were a true testament to the efficacy of his administration’s growth promotion policies.

“The fact that the construction of Madokero Housing Scheme and Madokero Mall are projects conceived and executed under the 100-day cycle model of my Government is commendable.

“This demonstrates the growing work ethic that is seeing the timeous completion of projects,” he added.

“My Government, thus, continues to demonstrate that the development and destiny of our nation is our collective responsibility. By investing in modern housing and commercial spaces, we are not only providing essential amenities, but also creating job opportunities, stimulating local businesses and attracting further investments.”

He said it was commendable that over 2 000 people were employed during the development of the two multi-million-dollar projects.

“I have also noted that 60 companies were also engaged to supply various services during the construction,” he continued.

“By fostering local industries and engaging local contractors, we are building a robust domestic supply chain and enhancing our industrial capacity.

“This approach drives economic growth and ensures that the benefits of development impact all sectors of our society, leaving no one and no place behind.”

The Government, he added, will continue to promote the development of projects that will facilitate accelerated modernisation and the creation of smart living spaces.

“It is commendable that the architectural designs in these living and working spaces are designed to provide holistic lifestyle experience.

“Furthermore, the projects are creating vibrant communities, smart cities and fostering economic growth.

“They build an identity and image of a people whose aspirations will not be dampened by any form of adversity or negativity.

“I, therefore, commend the Public Service Commission for significantly contributing towards the goals of our National Development Strategy and Vision 2030, with emphasis on infrastructural development.

“The projects being commissioned
here today strengthen our resolve to create a higher quality of life for all the citizens of Zimbabwe.”

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