Zim pair safe in flood-hit Japan

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Zim pair safe in flood-hit Japan

The Sunday Mail

THE Zimbabwean pair of Charles Nyamasvi and Deardricks Watch, who are on trials at Japanese Volleyball Challenge League club Oita Miyoshi Wessie Adler, had their phones ringing non-stop last week.

News of devastating floods, which claimed over 100 lives, had their families and friends worried hence the calls that rained their way.

However, the two lads are safe and sound as the natural disaster occurred over 800km away from where they are based.

“There was some panic from the guys at home and it’s good to know that there are people who care about you.

“However, everything is okay, we were not affected by the floods, but obviously we felt for the victims,” said Watch.

“We have been training with the team, their play is a bit different from our Zimbabwean style, but we are coping well and enjoying our time touring the country,” added the 23-year-old power-hitter who still has three weeks to impress the club. Nyamasvi, who is expected in the country this week after completing his month-long trial, believes he has done his best.

“Everything went well, I was pushing and did my best. Now we await the feedback which will come a little later when I am back in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Former Zimbabwe captain Murray Ndlovu, who facilitated the trials for Watch and Nyamasvi, revealed the duo were “a bit shocked” when they first heard about the floods.

“The boys where a little shocked but quickly understood that this is how Japan is,” he said.

“In my seven years in Japan I sure have had my own experiences with natural disasters, so I spoke to the boys from a position of knowledge. We are blessed that Oita City is not affected much by most of the disasters,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ndlovu revealed that Oita will also be running the ruler on some Kenyan and Ugandan players before making a decision on the right attack position.

“Two more players are scheduled to come for trials as well. We still wait to see how it all goes,” he said.

“But I must say the Zimbabwe boys are doing well day by day, compared to when they first landed in Japan. They have improved a lot.

“They are both very good players, who can fit in any team in the world, and my message to them was that they should enjoy this experience.

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