Zim musician sings for Africa

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Zim musician sings for Africa

The Sunday Mail

Tanyaradzwa Kutaura
UNITED Kingdom-based musician Percy Musa has added his voice to the campaign against distortion of African history by non-African narrators.

Unlike some artistes, among them seasoned, that try to win favour or extend their stay in foreign countries by attacking their native land, Musa is not only telling an apt Zimbabwean narrative but is also preaching peace and tolerance through music.

In one of his songs the musician castigates history writers and tellers that deliberately distort information to paint a bleak picture of the African continent.

The song encourages Africans to stand up against lies that are peddled worldwide about the continent and tell the real story.

Many pan-African orators have spoken against the demonisation of the continent by foreign individuals and organisations for selfish reasons.

In the song, Musa asks why dominant discourse about the continent mainly revolves around hunger, war and diseases when many positive things happening in Africa are either totally ignored or given least preference.

Besides inflaming negative reports, Musa notes, many historians from outside Africa continue painting dark pictures of various events and processes with the motive of upholding the ‘dark continent’ rhetoric that was initiated by Western colonial masters.

He also castigates Africans that have been corrupted in various ways to assist in distorting their history.

The song will be on Musa’s upcoming album titled “Unite Africa”, which has many other tracks that preach peace, unity and cohesion in Africa.

The album will also have Musa’s song “Brexit” that has attracted attention from various authorities in Britain.

The song explores Britain’s decision to quit the European Union that became known as Brexit. In the song, Musa encourages the British to be united for the purpose of development despite their differences over the Brexit issue.

Commenting on Musa’s songs, the musician’s management company GoTalent Productions said he is on a mission to preach peace and unity not only to Africa, but the whole world.

“Here is a musician who is coming with a gospel of peace and unity throughout the world. He is an African who is proud of his identity. His album will be titled ‘Africa Unite’ as it has a message of togetherness.

“His reggae style appeals to many people in Africa and beyond and it is a vehicle that he will use to send his messages out. He will be collaborating with a popular Zimbabwean musician on one of the songs and we promise an album that is deep in meaning and also rich in entertainment,” said Tapiwa Motsi of GoTalent Productions.

He adds the musician will be travelling to Zimbabwe over the festive season to launch his album here.

He is also expected to do some shows to introduce himself to the local market.

Musa was born in Chitungwiza and grew up in Zvimba where he developed an interest in music when he saw various big bands coming to perform at a business centre in their area.

He relocated to the UK to further his studies and consequently settled there as he began his professional journey.

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