‘Zim karate can rise higher’

25 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

KYOKUSHIN World Union Africa chair Hennie Bosman believes Zimbabwe’s karate are destined for greater heights and could play a leading role in helping the sport get Olympic recognition by 2024.

Bosman is in Zimbabwe for a three-day training camp that ends today at Empire Gym in Harare. “In the beginning, when finances were better, we used to have a lot of Zimbabweans participating at international tournaments and the country did very well,” said Bosman. “Unfortunately in the last number of years they have not been participating in international tournaments because of financial constraints, but the few participants that they managed to do so have done very well,” he said. He said since the union’s formation in 2003, Zimbabwe had remained loyal, prompting him to use his own funds to host his first international training camp outside South Africa.

“Zimbabwe has been loyal to Kyokushin since the formation of the World Union some 15 years ago; and because of their loyalty we had to hold our first international training camp outside South Africa here,” said Bosman.

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