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‘Zim is still open for business’

01 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
‘Zim is still open for business’ President Mnangagwa

The Sunday Mail

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has reassured investors and Zimbabwean citizens that the country remains conducive for business despite the recent White City Stadium attempt on the President’s life.

The attack, which occurred after the President had finished addressing a rally in Bulawayo, has so far claimed two lives and left 47 others injured.

But President Mnangagwa said the dastard and cowardly act will not prevent Government from pushing ahead with efforts to transform the country into a progressive, prosperous and strong economy.

“We have a very clear vision for Zimbabwe to be open, free and democratic with a progressive, prosperous and strong economy,” said President Mnangagwa while officiating at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Hwange Thermal Power Station expansion project last week.

“The recent sad and unfortunate event in our country will never deter us from this resolve.

“Allow me therefore, to take this opportunity to assure the nation and investors alike, that we are a safe and peace loving country; indeed Zimbabwe is open for business.”

Immediately after the blast last week, President Mnangagwa said the strongest response to violence is peace, which he has been calling for since his inauguration on November 24 last year.

Peace is crucial in the country as it seeks to attract foreign direct investment, which had eluded Zimbabwe in the last two decades due to a poisoned environment characterised by policy inconsistency.

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Huang Ping also slammed the Bulawayo violence and urged the country to continue championing peace.

“Both China and Zimbabwe are committed to development and we stand firmly in solidarity with the Zimbabwe people at challenging times.

“We condemn political violence perpetrated at White City Stadium in Bulawayo and wish to pay condolences to the people and friends who suffered . . .” said Ambassador Ping.

He said nothing will derail Zimbabwe’s desire for peace and development, adding that citizens will only emerge from this event stronger and more united going forward.

With crucial harmonised elections only 29 days away, Ambassador Ping said 2018 is a significant year in the country’s history.

He said, the obtaining environment allows for free, fair and credible polls to be held.

“As a brother of Zimbabwe, China is confident that Zimbabwe is capable of holding a free, fair and credible election and after that Zimbabwe will open a new chapter in its history to achieve its national rejuvenation,” said Ambassador Ping.

Several election observer missions, which are already in the country at the invitation of Government, have also suggested that holding free and fair elections is possible in the country.

A number of investors have expressed interest in local opportunities with reports suggesting that firm investment inquiries are now topping US$20 billion.

Other investors are reportedly waiting until after elections.

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