Zhuwawo’s love for the fast lane

26 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Brighton Zhawi
BIG Cephas Zhuwao plays cricket just like he lives — always on the edge.

He is a risk taker, a burly lad who takes pleasure in messing up bowlers’ figures.

Maybe the Big Bully’s love for scoring quick runs come from his undying love for BMWs.

“It’s one of the best cars in the world and I love Gusheshes 325 or the M-sport, M-5, S-6,” said Zhuwawo, who occasionally competes at Burn Outs.

“I love the big cars. I do spin here and there…it’s not scary, I see it as a sport, just like cricket,” he said.

However, in cricket, Zhuwawo is working on having the right balance between speed and safety.

The high risk batsman, who is adored for his natural hitting ability and hated for the soft dismissals which usually follow his big shots, wants to spend more time on the crease.

“It’s true, if I spend more time on the crease I will surely score big runs, but at the same time my job is to attack in the first powerplay to set the tone for the guys who will be coming in the middle,” said the 33-year-old.

“However, it’s something I have been working on,” added Zhuwao.

He recently scored a double century, 207 off 128 balls, in a Chevrons intra-practice match.

Zimbabwe is preparing for a three ODIs and three T20Is tour of South Africa as well as the Africa T20 Cup in the same country next month.

If selected to add on to his six ODIs and seven T20Is, Zhuwao believes he will prove he belongs at that level.

“I am a believer, I pray to God, I believe,” he said.

“Players like Chris Gayle or David Warner go out there and express themselves, on their day they will score a hundred off 50 balls.

“I know I will get there. I’m working hard and it is a matter of time before I start scoring hundreds in international cricket. I have since realized it’s not about sixes only… when a bowler is running in, my focus will be on watching the ball if he pitches it in my zone then I will go for it. But if it’s not there I will play it on merit,” he said.

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