Zhakata dedicates new offering to Makion

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Zhakata dedicates new offering to Makion

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

ZORA music king Leonard Zhakata will on December 14 launch his new album “Mupendero Wenguva” with a heavy heart.

The unveiling of the album comes exactly 21 years after the death of Thomas Makion, Zhakata’s Maungwe Brothers partner and nephew. Makion breathed his last on August 10, 2001.

For Zhakata, the death of Makion, with whom he recorded two albums before they went separate ways, was a big blow.

The new album, according to the Zora king, brings back memories of the days when the Maungwe Brothers were a force to reckon with.

“I worked with Makion during my early days and somehow, this new album sadly reminds me of the period that I worked with him. He played a pivotal role towards the formation of the Zhakata Original Rhythms of Africa (Zora) music,” Zhakata said.

When Makion died, he left behind a child, Thomas Makion Jnr. Zhakata wants to keep Makion’s legacy alive by supporting his former partner’s son.

“Thomas Makion Jnr is working tirelessly to revive Maungwe Brothers. I am more than prepared to help him realise his dream. This is the only way that I can show my appreciation for the work that was done by his late father,” said the “Mugove” hitmaker. On the night of Zhakata’s album launch, the Maungwe Brothers will be the curtain raisers.

Zhakata’s new album, his 22nd, is made up of seven tracks, namely, “Runyoro”, “Chiiko Nesu”, “Mukadzi Mushingi”, “Dairai Tenzi”, “Inguva”, “Mufandichimuka” and “It is Well”.

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