Zanu-PF unfazed by opposition

13 Mar, 2016 - 00:03 0 Views
Zanu-PF unfazed by opposition Ambassador Khaya Moyo

The Sunday Mail

Sunday Mail Reporter
ZANU-PF is firmly focused on serving the people through food mobilisation and improving the economy, hence it is not worried about new opposition parties, ruling party spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said yesterday.
He said Zanu-PF was guided by sound values and ideologies with a rich history dating back to the liberation struggle.
The Zanu-PF spokesperson took a swipe at the private media over the hype following the launch of Zimbabwe People First a fortnight ago.
Ambassador Khaya Moyo said Government was preoccupied with food distribution to families affected by drought and with the Vulnerability Assessment Committee Rapid Assessment report saying three million people need support, President Mugabe has declared the season a disaster and Government has appealed for US$1,6 billion in assistance.
“The hype by the private media on the recent launch of Zimbabwe People First party by its interim president Dr Joice Mujuru is not surprising, He who pays the piper, plays the tune. The private Press can continue with their propaganda; this does not help the people. Zanu-PF has a clear destination and a clear mandate.
Ambassador Khaya Moyo warned the electorate against being swayed by fly-by night political parties like ZPF which had no clear ideologies.
“The ruling party remains focused and guided by the economic blueprint, Zim-Asset and the 10-Point Plan enunciated by President Mugabe in August 2015.
“To board a bus without a destination is dangerous. Our Independence was not won through the Press. Zanu-PF is guided by sound principles and programmes.”

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