Zanu PF has deliberately engineered Zim’s success

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Zanu PF has deliberately  engineered Zim’s success

The Sunday Mail

Dr Obert Moses Mpofu

WE are nothing without our history.

It is in history where great lessons are learnt and the future is moulded.

There should always be a nexus between the past and present to achieve one’s future aspirations. To achieve any meaningful success, there should never be a disconnect involving the past, the present and the future.  All these three elements need to be in a seamless timeline.  Quite often, along the way, one may encounter a bump or two, but that should not be a cause for concern, nor should it warrant panic.

As long as the blueprints of one’s endeavour are there and the processes are in motion, then success is inevitable.

Shaping success can be tedious.

But one needs not worry about the time they spend on engineering success, for perfectly laid-out plans often lead to the most desirable outcome. ZANU PF has been engineering Zimbabwe’s success for quite some time. We have been making calculations and reworking them to find the perfect fit.

I am happy to report that there is considerable progress in our journey, comrades. The seismic shifts occurring all around the country show proof of this.

They are deliberately designed and engineered to ensure maximum benefit for the people and the nation.  ZANU PF has been deliberately engineering Zimbabwe’s economic growth since independence and will continue to do so until our economic objectives as a nation are attained.  My party, ZANU PF, has been able to marry the old and the new in creating a new Zimbabwe.

While leaning on experiences from the past, we are creating a new and modern future that will ensure continuity. ZANU PF’s leadership has been alive to the fact that times are changing and there is an urgent need to keep abreast with such changes. So, measures have been put in place to accommodate such changes without sacrificing our values.

In the past few years, under the astute leadership of His Excellency, President Mnangagwa, ZANU PF has been able to create an efficient and effective system.

We have expanded the party’s reach to areas where we did not have a presence before. The party’s membership has grown at an exponential rate and we are in the process of streamlining its activities to ensure that we are able to accommodate the swelling ranks. No one has been left behind.

In recent times, the party has become quite the attraction and many now want to be associated with it. ZANU PF has indeed lived up to its drive to become the party for all. This is probably because of the mature politics it practises.

It is professional in its conduct and tolerant to diverse views.  This is one of its greatest strengths. With each day, the party is renewed by its ever-increasing membership and wide reach. The momentum that ZANU PF has is quite unstoppable.

Engaging in opposition politics is all but a foolhardy exercise, with no benefits whatsoever.  Zimbabweans have made the conscious decision to live life the ZANU PF way.

The ruling party has a covenant with the people. We live in a noisy era, where our enemies will seek to deceive and mislead our people through disinformation and misinformation at every opportunity. We should never give them the opportunity to do so.  We should remain on guard.

So far, ZANU PF has on countless occasions been able to outwit its detractors.

Zimbabweans do believe in ZANU PF, and this is all that matters.  ZANU PF has the people at heart and will continue pursuing the people’s agenda. The people are ZANU PF and ZANU PF are the people.

 Dr Obert Moses Mpofu is an academic and the Secretary-General of ZANU PF. He writes in his own capacity.


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