Youths have power to shape the future

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Youths have power to shape the future

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WHAT tomorrow holds depends on the type of youth we have today.

Youths have to seriously consider what they really want to become in order to be focused on their goals.

That passion can drive them to achieve whatever they set out to do.

Some of the key determinants to shaping the future include profession, career and gifts (or talents).

According to the Oxford dictionary, a profession is essentially an occupation in which a professed knowledge of some subject, field or science is applied, while a vocation or career, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification, is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and has opportunities for progress.

A gift, on the other hand, is a natural ability or talent.

We often hear the words “ . . . he seemed destined for a career as an engineer like his father . . .” from people when they are referring to a young adult who may show the ability to follow the footsteps of a grown-up; in this case, their father.

But the question is: Should this be the right way to identify a profession, career or gift?

As a young adult, finding your place in the professional world can be a tricky thing to do.

However, the process can be made easy by first understanding who you are.

Your identity is unique and that realisation answers several questions that no one else can.

Coming from being minor and slowly stepping into the world of adulthood, every youth should be surrounded by good role models.

They need individuals that can help them with direction so that they achieve big things in life, and not be led astray.

Life dreams and aspirations are not attained by just thinking or deciding what you want to be: They have to be seen through to their logical conclusion.

Knowing your passion is the easiest way to discover your profession.

For instance, one can discover an incredible love for singing, dancing, experimenting, fishing, playing golf, talking, listening or even modelling.

All these passions can be nurtured to become an income-generating skill.

After identifying your love, it is then important to be mentored by older and experienced people.

And this is where many fail.

Properly nursing your passion and talents is the only way to monetise them.

One, therefore, needs to find patient mentors that can guide them to their destiny.

They obviously have to be wary of those who are not so keen on helping others and might do a shoddy job in that regard.

However, young adults need to have the right attitude to graciously take to heart the mentorship they will be receiving.

Such an attitude is quite encouraging to the mentor.

A potential mentor is anyone already in the field you decide to venture into either by experience or academic qualifications.

In some instances, it can be an institution or even parents or guardians.

Tiger Woods — the great golfer — did not start great.

It was through training and serious dedication that he succeeded in his dream to become a world champion.

Remember, God already had a plan for you before he made you; therefore, it is important to engage in prayer with God and ask him to help you locate your purpose in life.

Everything else, wealth included, will the fall in place.

Overall, knowing what you want to become is not an overnight thing.

It is a process that involves using your mind and getting input from relevant stakeholders.

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