You ought to raise survivors

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Brian Ngosi
The most sinister person is the one who confuses weakness for love. Your love as a parent should never have future negative consequence.

Practise tough love and you will raise victors.

Life is built on how one is brought up and the opportunities that are afforded to them. There is need to be wary of the investment that society makes in bringing up the future generation. Are you bringing up kids who can’t do their own basic chores?  A boy who can’t cook or do laundry? A girl who can’t do basic gardening? Are you raising a person who will depend on fast food and commercial dry cleaning for all their life? This means a person short of basic survival skills.

There are basic life skills that a normal human being should possess. The honour is on those to whom the skills have been imparted on to extend the gesture of love to the next generation.

It’s not love when you rob those under your care of basic livelihood skills, that’s pure witchcraft. Equip yourself to raise a survivor. Teach everyone under your care basic survival tactics. During up bringing, expose your kids or anyone under your care to life skills.

As a human being, always learn new skills. Instill that sense of pride in kids that they always look forward to accomplishing their own tasks.

Cooking, laundry, cleaning the house or gardening is a pre-requisite for any normal human being. Move those under your care out of their comfort zone. There are various reasons that demands one to move from their family and find themselves having to stand on their own.

Teach those under your care not to take it as punishment but pure love over which they will always thank you.

The common thing today is the use of hired helpers for domestic chores. There is more to life than money paid to those that help around.

The material benefit from accomplishing own tasks is far outweighed by other benefits and can save not only money but humanity.

Children are being brought up without these basic household skills. You can justify it now and hire help through and through but the day of reckoning will surely come and those children will curse you. These same children will become mothers and fathers, consider what society will become if they do not possess basic life skills. You can’t love someone and rob them of a decent future. No love should impoverish the other person in such a way.

The worst part is that the negative results will manifest when it’s too late. One reason for the high rate of divorce is a case of people who fall short of skills that ought to be their responsibilities.

A good wife makes time to cook for the family, not as a duty but as an expression of love.

A good father expresses himself by managing the yard, not because there is no helper but because he is the man of the house. He can also cook for the family out of love.

Where one is over dependent, they can be exposed to abuse.

An equipped individual averts unnecessary dependence by applying themselves to accomplish basic tasks for the benefit of themselves and society at large. What manifests as problems in society may be a result of boiled seeds which were forced to germinate.

Be firm and teach life lessons to the future generation. Tough love nurtured the world, don’t spoil your children’s future in the pretext of love.

Love solves future problems and does not compound them.

Groom those under your care to be whole human beings. You can rob the world of a brighter future if you wrongly pamper your children.

You should be sure your child can do everything by themselves.

As a child, your greatest achievement is to have an open heart and learning basic life skills. You owe the world a bright future. Do the honourable thing and raise survivors.


Brian Ngosi is a motivational writer who seeks to inspire individuals to make a difference for the good of society. Ngosi can be reached at [email protected], fb page #BN_inspired 2018 or interact with him on WhatsApp at 0772440383 to receive daily inspirational messages.


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