You can always quit tomorrow

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You can always quit tomorrow

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The right perspective will not solve all your problems. The right perspective will just shrink the problems to their right size.
Many people are killed more by the length of the shadow of their problems than the problems themselves. Some problems are big; others small. Some can be solved; others cannot.The problems that you cannot solve are just facts of life.

I also face problems. I am like you, just another pilgrim on the journey of life. I live in this environment and face the daily challenges that you also face.

I feel troubled and I am tempted sometimes to quit. However, I am determined not to quit today. I am determined to stand, meet my challenges and work through my obstacles.

With grace, I meet my problems, holding on to a faith for breakthroughs. Success is always safely parked at the end of the rainbow.

Greatness is a journey and not just a short sprint. What I face today is not all that life is for me. There is a big tomorrow and I intend to be present in it soon.

I will not quit today when there is a promise of a day break.
Look again

Look again at your problems and obstacles. The right perspective reduces your obstacles to size. Choose the right pair of glasses to use in looking at your problems. Choose not to look at life with the eyes of a coward. All you will see is running feet.
Choose not to look at life with the mindset of a defeatist. All you will see is a sea of despair. Choose not to look at life with the heart of a victim, all you will expect is pity and sympathy. Life is what you choose to do with it. There is no alibi. You are the protagonist. You have greatness within you.

Look again at your obstacles and see them for what they are. Put them in perspective and do not be killed by the length of your problems’ shadows.

Look again at your obstacles and challenges. What you see with your mind is more important than what your eyes see. The obstacle in your path is really a stepping stone. Choose to scale above the obstacle and challenge your limits.

Do not be tempted to shrink your vision to fit into your current challenges. Every problem you face is a call to growth and challenge to innovate.

The problems you face are an advertisement of change orders now due. You are not blocked; just inspired to find a new path and way.
Use the weight of your challenges to pole-vault you to greater heights. You are not finished. You are not doomed, just primed for new action and fresh strategies. Fresh problems are new catalysts for greatness.

Do not let anyone write you off. Do not let any obstacle bury you in its shadow.
You have greatness as your birthright.

Every obstacle that you face is merely a stepping stone and rung to greatness. From despair, step into a great desire for growth. It is when situations are trying to shrink you that you must plan big for growth to come.

Faith feeds on challenges. It is when all seems lost that faith enters the ring for consideration.
Step up your thinking from negative-stinking-thinking to positive-possibility-minded attitudes.

Old thinking leads to old results. The future is too delicate to be left in the hands of people that are crippled by the past, frustrated by the present and clueless about the future.

Step up your mindset and strategic view. See differently in order to do differently.
Step up, step in. Dance with life.

This thing in your path is nagging and itching. It is stubborn and frustrating. It brings a blanket of fear and stings of despair. Its an obstacle and problem.

What to do? Do not just react; choose to respond courageously. When you react, you just act like an animal — fight and flight mode.

You just cannot sting anything in sight. Being busy without focus is anathema. It is not what happens that matters but what you choose to do about it.

Choose not to just react but to give a considered response.
Use your challenge as oxygen for your fire. Transform your weaknesses into strength. Stand up and fight even when you are hardest hit.

It is when things look worst that you must not quit. There is a tomorrow and you are a special part of it. There is hope. Change your narrative from despair and despondency. Beyond those angry and heavy clouds there is always a smiling sun.
See things as they are not as you imagine them to be. Stop terrorising yourself. Stop comparing your environment with environments you have just read or heard about.

Your reality is more concrete and important than advertised reality. See beyond your experience of today. Everything that happens to you is just that — a mere happening.

Nothing is ever good or bad. The meaning of any event depends on your mindset and perspective. You are the one who gives meaning to whatever happens to you. When you react you let your emotions do the thinking for you. When you respond you take considered action.

Strategy should never be lost to you. Respond strategically and keep your focus.
A lot of dust in the air does not necessarily suggest that you are confused.
Not the same

Nothing remains the same. Things do change and people do change. We must all wear out with use or rust out of disuse. You have a choice to wear out or rust out. Choose the former. Get into the action habit. Act and keep taking action. It is better to be slow than to give up altogether. One step is better than no step at all.

A little is better than nothing.

Persist and keep moving. Do not just rust and rot. You have something in you that you can give. Give generously at it will heal your attitudes to life. If you think you are a needy victim, you leave life as such. You are not a victim and you have no one to blame. You choose to take action and do what you need to do.
Prepare to act

Stiffen your sinews and prepare to act. Have a bias for action and keep taking action. Do not wait for change, be the change that you want to see.

Shakespeare, in “King Henry V” Act 3 Scene 1 says: “In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man, As modest stillness and humility; But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger: Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood.”

In any difficult situation, be like a tiger. Stiffen the sinews, heighten your concentration and focus. Be on full alert and summon up the blood. Imitate the action of a tiger. Prepare to act. Do not get tired before the task is done in any way.
Persist in your action path and chosen way.

Milton Kamwendo is an international transformational and inspirational speaker, author and coach. He is a strategy, innovation, team-building and leadership facilitator. Feedback: [email protected], Twitter @MiltonKamwendo, and WhatsApp +263772422634

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