Woman gets $150 for upkeep

13 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Panashe Mabeza

A Harare woman, Fortunate Chidambuka has approached the courts seeking maintenance from her ex-husband for the upkeep of their seven-month-old baby, ironically the woman does not know how her former partner earns a living.

Chadambuka took Edward Kamuringa to the Harare Civil Court seeking $400 monthly as maintenance for their child.

Asked by the court how Kamuringa earned a living, Chadambuka replied: “He is a kombi driver your worship, but l think he left that trade and is now into basket weaving. He is into recycling cardboard boxes and earns $1000 per month.

“I want him to pay $400 as maintenance. My earnings, as a vendor, cannot sustain me and the child.”

However, Kamuringa, who occasionally laughed during the court session in an apparent mock of his former wife, got to set the record straight and said: “I am a vendor. I only earn $260 per month from selling my wares.

“I can only afford to pay $80 (as maintenance) as I am in another marriage and need to also take care of that family. I need about $140 to sustain myself.”

The court ordered Kamuringa to pay $150 monthly as maintenance starting this month end.

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