Woman fights off Bible-wielding tokoloshe

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Woman fights off  Bible-wielding tokoloshe

The Sunday Mail

She is in a battle with a Bible-bashing tokoloshe! It reads the Bible and accuses her of waging an unholy war by trying to get rid of it. She said it read the verse: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

The woman, whose name is known to Daily Sun (South Africa), said the little creature started by reading a Bible verse to her a few months ago when she used muthi (traditional medicine) to try and get rid of it.

“I went to a sangoma to get help,” said the woman (44) from Tsakane, Ekurhuleni (South Africa).

“The sangoma gave me muthi so the tokoloshe would go away. I was happy after using the muthi and I slept like a baby that night.”

But her relief was short-lived.

“Three days later the little creature came back, this time armed with a Bible.”

After quoting the Bible, it started with its torture like before.

She said when it tortured her it also poked her all night.

“I can’t sleep. It comes just after midnight and it only leaves in the morning,” she said.

“I am gatvol of this torture. I need help. It’s clear this tokoloshe doesn’t fear muthi. I need something else that can defeat it.”

She said it looked as if the muthi chased the tokoloshe away for three days and it could not touch her.

“It came back with the Bible to destroy the muthi. I think I need something else to get rid of it now.”

The mother of two, who works at a pharmacy, said she did not know why the tokoloshe was after her.

“My husband died three years ago and I have never dated since then. I don’t know who could be punishing me like by sending me a tokoloshe. I am always tired at work. I fear I will lose my job because the bosses can see that I’m not performing,” she said.

Her brother (35) said: “When I took her to the sangoma, she was happy because the tokoloshe was no longer troubling her. But three days later, she complained again. I also don’t know how to help her now.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye told Daily Sun that the tokoloshe could be stubborn.

“When it was sent to you, it found comfort. It won’t want to go. It will fight to stay,” he said.

“She needs to make it uncomfortable by using muthi every day. It will eventually go as long as the muthi is strong enough.”




Minor raped by 400 men

In a shocking incident that occurred in a city called Beed in the central region of Maharashtra state in India, a minor married woman was raped by more than 400 people in six months after she was promised a job.

The victim is now two months pregnant following the incident and the Child Welfare Committee is in the process of aborting the baby.

A case has been registered against nine persons in Ambajogai rural police and four accused have been arrested after a report by the victim.

The victim’s mother died two years ago and her father arranged a marriage for her.

She then went to stay at her in-laws’ place for one-and-a-half years after she got married.

However, due to repeated harassment by her father-in-law, the girl returned to her family.

A few days after returning to her mother’s place, the girl reached Ambejogai town in search of a job where she met two people from the academy.

The men allegedly raped her by promising to give her a job. For the next six months, she was repeatedly raped by more than 400 different people.

Following the abuse, the victim said she is now 20 weeks pregnant.

She previously lodged a rape complaint at Ambejogai city police, but the police did not take any action.

Instead, the police on duty at that time took her to the lodge and raped her.

The incident of rape by the police itself has created a stir.

Beed district superintendent of police R Raja has ordered an inquiry into the matter.




60-year-old fights off crocodile with pocket knife

A 60-year-old Australian man escaped the jaws of a large crocodile by stabbing it repeatedly in the head with his pocket knife as it dragged him into a river, local authorities said.

Wildlife officers said the man was “lucky to be alive” after the terrifying attack at a remote riverbank in Australia’s far northern Cape York Peninsula.

“There was a struggle and he fortunately escaped the grip of a four to four-and-a-half-metre crocodile. The odds of doing that are about zero,” said the Queensland state environment department’s Matt Brien.

The man had gone fishing on his property recently near Hope Vale, about five hours’ drive from Cairns, and he shooed away a bull from the riverbank so he could take over the spot.

Then, the crocodile struck.

“He described seeing the crocodile
seconds before it lunged at him, knocking him over as he was about to cast his
fishing rod,” the department said in a statement.

He grabbed onto the branch of a mangrove tree in a desperate attempt to stay out of the river as the crocodile’s jaws clamped around his boots. But he quickly lost the tug-of-war and was pulled in.

“The man said that as he entered the water, he managed to retrieve his knife from his belt and stabbed the crocodile in its head until it let him go.”

The man then scrambled up the bank to escape the predator.

After emergency treatment at Cooktown Hospital, he was later flown to Cairns Hospital where he was still recovering.

A health department spokesperson said he was in a “stable” condition.

Wildlife officers who interviewed the man confirmed that his injuries were consistent with a crocodile attack.

“It appears that the crocodile was targeting the bull or the cow at the time, and he has just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Brien told reporters.

“It’s an absolutely harrowing experience. He won’t forget that in a long time.”

Brien said the man had been left “quite traumatised” by the incident, adding he would need “time for healing, both mentally and physically”.

Saltwater crocodile can grow up to seven metres long and weigh more than a tonne. Fatalities remain relatively rare, with locals and visitors warned to keep their distance from crocodile-inhabited waterways. — Wires.

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