With Mugabe gone, what next?

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With Mugabe gone, what next?

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa
When FreeZim Congress party leader Mr Joseph Busha mooted the idea of enter- ing mainstream politics in 1986, his sole mission was to remove former president Mr Robert Mugabe from power.

But for 31 years, the task proved too big for him.

However, Mr Mugabe let go of power after millions of Zimbabweans took to the streets in November last year.

Having failed on the former leader, Mr Busha has now set himself new goals.

The 54-year-old leader now joins 21 other candidates who are contesting to unseat Zanu-PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the July 30 elections.

“The concept of forming FreeZim Congress came in 1986, I always had the idea that I will be the second democratically elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe after Mugabe,” said Mr Busha in an interview last week.

“Unfortunately, he (Mr Mugabe) is not going to hand over the reins to me because he was removed unwillingly.”

The South African-based politician believes that there are only three serious political parties in Zimbabwe – FreeZim Congress, Zanu-PF and the MDC, in its umbrella form.

Ironically, his party only has 29 candidates vying for Legislative Assembly seats and 26 seeking to be elected into local authorities.

“There are only three main political parties in Zimbabwe. With due respect to other political parties, there is FreeZim Congress on the top three, there is Zanu-PF and there is MDC, whether alliance or what, they are all MDC.

“Those are the political parties in Zimbabwe, and for us, we are not in alliance with anybody, we have a clear agenda.

“Those who had the opportunity to be in Government achieved nothing and it is time for FreeZim Congress to take charge.”

The FreeZim leader wants to see a stable Zimbabwe.

“My vision for the country is a stable, socio-politically and economically stable Zimbabwe. On the socio-perspective, people must have access to basic needs, which are food and security,” he said.

“On the political front, when there is stable leadership, a leadership with a vision, then investors will be able to come through.”

Mr Busha said once in power, his Government will quickly push for a host of constitutional changes.

“What we want to do is to change the Constitution to make sure that if the President is removed from power, by whatever means, there must be fresh elections,” he said.

“The reason why we see ourselves with the current Government is because the MDC-T conceded to the fact that if anything happens to the President, there is no need for elections, but the party of the seating President will choose someone else.”

Mr Busha believes the forthcoming elections will not be free and fair.

“The elections in 2018 can never be fair or credible. This is so because we are competing with a Government which is using State resources to campaign,” he claims.

“If they need cash, they just order cash from banks, but some of us are struggling to get even $20.”

He said his Government will leverage on technology in the same way the Japanese government had done.

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