Who will be crowned king?

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Who will be crowned king?

The Sunday Mail

WHEN the Zim dancehall craze took the local music scene by storm a few years ago, many people doubted it would last the distance.

While it managed to churn out scores of talented artistes, not all of them have kept the fire burning with just a few continuing to dominate while others seem to have lost traction.

Household names including Winky D, Killer T and Soul Jah Love have been on top of their game ever since they invaded the industry, albeit in different eras.

However, every now and then new stars are born, bringing in their own flair and style thereby challenging the old guard.

For the greater part of this year, chanters that include Blot, Jah Signal and Silent Killer have seen their fan bases grow, thanks to their ability to capture the audience with catchy signature phrases and lyrical genius.

It is clear these three artistes are currently on a purple patch.

From the passa passa gigs in the heart of the ghetto to the exclusivity of Pablo’z VIP, DJs have taken a liking to the music coming from these artistes.



Rising to prominence late last year with his hit song “Ndiri Bad” on the Stage Riddim, Blot, real name Takura Chiwoniso, has continued to release captivating music, which has seen him becoming one of the dominant youngsters in the country.

Songs that include “Handingasarire”, “Rufu”, “Uchairipa”, “Pazvikona”, “Dzoka”, “Vanogara Vachinditaura” and “Idzi Dzavangoma” have established the artiste as a force.

On the other hand, Silent Killer, born Jimmy Mudereri, has also been making waves with a string of hits that have become anthems on many dance floors.

The artiste delivers his music in a humorous and clever way, thereby making it irresistible.

However, his music has traces of dirty lyrics.

Being popular for his free styling prowess, he has managed to display his lyrical brilliance in songs that include “Locker maStreets”, “Type Yema Dance”, “Officer”, “Dairai Hossana”, “Mazita” and “Vabva KuWestern”.

The artiste, calling himself the “Angel of War”, is a natural storyteller whose music mirrors the life led by the majority of ghetto youths, which is probably the reason behind the impact he has made.

Jah Signal

Jah Signal

Another musician who can also say 2017 has been his year is Nicodimus Mutize, popularly known as Jah Signal.

The young lad is currently one of the most talked about Zim dancehall acts in the country.

He has captivated fans not only with his lyrical abilities but also his excellent stage performances.

His introductory tagline, “Tirarira, swaah, ini ndini ndarira, swaah,” has become a staple among many music fans.

Just like his counterpart Blot, Jah Signal’s big break came late last year after featuring on the Stage Riddim with the song “Ndomuda” where he displayed exceptional lyrical and vocal abilities.

From then on he has released numerous hits including “Tirarira”, “Mkwasha Imboko”, “Ganda Idema”, “Kunzungu Nekunyimo”, “Rure Rure”, “Rudo” and “Yatanga Hondo”, to name a few.

The Sunday Mail Society spoke to top Zim dancehall producer, Levels, who said at present Silent Killer and Jah Signal are ruling the roost.

“Right now the artistes who have taken over the streets, especially in the ghetto, are Silent Killer and Jah Signal,” said Levels.

“From the beginning of the year, Blot was dominant amongst upcoming superstars.

“These other two guys have caught up with him and they are making major waves.”

He said while many people did not take Silent Killer seriously at the beginning, his status has continued to rise.

“I don’t think it is proper to label Silent Killer as an upcoming act right now because he is probably one of the most influential chanters at the moment.

“Vanhu ava ndivo vari kutorira zvakakanyanya muma streets (These are the guys whose music is being played). There are several established acts who are doing big things but I am sure they are feeling the heat.”

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