Who the hell is Sir Wicknell?

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Who the hell is Sir Wicknell?

The Sunday Mail

WICKNELL CHIVAYO 2He has money and loves flaunting it, irking many in the process. Who exactly is this obnoxious young millionaire?
Everyone in Harare who has access to social media networks must be wondering: who exactly is this Wicknell Chivayo? How did he make so much money? How is he connected to the important people he shows off? Is he a businessman, a socialite or both? As the young man continues to splash cash on expensive jewellery and luxury cars it is difficult not to wonder if this is not a case of money in the wrong hands?

Facebook users regularly wake up to outlandish posts by Chivayo, who, despite being in his early 30s, lives with his mother in Greystone Park, bragging about how much he spends on clothes, cars, hotel rooms and on weekend outings.

He has drawn a following of no less than 56,000 as curious social network users gather to enjoy his eccentricities as he posts pictures of wads of cash and expensive cars, shedding light into his extravagant lifestyle.
His braggadocio knows no end.

He boasts about his shopping sprees in New York, his US$200 000 monthly or is it weekly bills and the latest cars he has acquired, among many such other vanity displays.

The questions are many and varied and they need answers, yet 32-year-old, Sir Wicknell, as he fondly calls himself, was unavailable to answer some of the burning questions that his social network followers and other curious Zimbabweans would want answered.

Not that he has an obligation to explain himself, but when you have so many Facebook followers and are a young millionaire – you become a celebrity, and thus of public interest.

For instance, what did Chivayo do that sent him to prison? Did he really buy Big Brother Africa flop Maneta Mazani a car and pay her university tuition for three years? Did he really give Miss Carnival Dananai Chipunza US$50 000 or was it just a gimmick as some “haters” claim?

Could this young man just be an attention seeker who thrives on controversy?
In one recent post, Chivayo denigrates Zimbabwean women, describing  them as “nothing less of whores and whisky drinkers who are only impressed with US$1 000”.

Agitated female followers hurl abuses in retaliation — but Chivayo takes it on the chin, he seems to thrive on controversy, ranging from being attacked for his being obese to accusations that he is gay.

The outspoken businessman-cum socialite often gives ‘advice’ to the many poor among his Facebook flock who sometimes get so irritated by his condescending lectures and end up accusing him of being shallow and childish. But Chivayo is undeterred.

His bizarre conduct has led some to doubt that his riches could have come from business acumen with many, having grown tired of his childish flamboyance, wondering when they will encounter Wicknell the businessman.

Attempts to speak to Sir Wicknell came to naught. The young businessman refused to speak to us on the phone, did not reply to our e-mails.

When we did managed to get him on the phone he said he was busy for the next twenty days.
Many  are curious about his derisive references to  “Form Two drop-outs” and want to know what his take on education is. Does he have a degree? What did he study?

Others, though, are more concerned with the youthful businessman’s security — they want to know where he draws the line as he publicly reveals his trips while also not making it a secret that he moves around with a lot of cash. Chivayo often posts pictures of high-profile business people he conducts meetings with.

His “life pictures” on the popular Sir Wicknell Facebook account seem to suggest a normal upbringing.
When did it all change? His other pictures on the same platform now show a flashy and obnoxious youth who seems to find comfort in the attention he gets from curious online strangers, good or bad.

Chivayo claims not to drink or smoke.
He quotes the scriptures  regularly and says he goes to church. Details gathered by The Sunday Mail Leisure show that he is an adherent of an apostolic sect, venguwo chena.

However, Chivayo  is believed to run a thriving entertainment empire frequented by revellers and sometimes ladies of the night, something seemingly at odds with his professed faith.

He is close friends with Kenny Kunene, a South African entertainment magnet.
Officially, though, he is known as the managing director of Intratech Zimbabwe, a company with interests in transport and logistics, farming, petroleum and energy.

When can Zimbabwe meet Wicknell, the businessman? They have already met the socialite.

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