Whither coalition rumblings?

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Whither coalition rumblings? Joice Mujuru

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The Sharp Shooter: Vukani Madoda
Am I the only one who is now confused with the so-called opposition coalition talk that has been rumbling on since the beginning of the year “to unseat Zanu PF and President Mugabe”?

Am I the only one who is wondering why MDC-T is celebrating – alone – its anniversary of 17 miserable years punctuated by painstaking electoral loss after loss?

Am I the only one who has been perplexed by the jostling for positions within the ZimPF party?

We were told by the politically blind MDC-T presidential spokesperson who is ironically called Luke Tambori. . .something, that the waning opposition party was “celebrating” its sell-out existence

Their theme, ‘MDC @ 17: Redefining the End Game’, unfortunately sounded more like the party was redefining its end.

Here is a party that has successfully redefined what we ordinarily know colon cancer to be.

Here is a party that has progressively lost its support base over the 17 years it has been in existence to 17 or more other mushrooming opposition outfits. Here is a party with not one or two vice presidents, but three of them!

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

And the choice of commemorating the party’s demise in Bulawayo was not by chance.

Remember how MDC-T lost a whole electorate that felt that their pots-plates-and-pans vice president Thokozile Khupe was the victim of a coup from the Mpandawana boys?

Now they are trying to curry favour from an unwilling Bulawayo electorate that does not want to hear about them or hear about a coalition with this or that non-existent party.

Finally, the Bulawayo electorate has withdrawn its vote from the countless MDCs that have brought no development to Bulawayo

Without a doubt, the MDCs have brought change to Bulawayo. But it is not the kind of change that Bulawayo was expecting.

In fact, they spit on democracy by undermining the one vice president from Bulawayo, the electorate had pinned its hope on Khupe.

Now with a powerless pot-plates-and-pans vice president, the Mpandawana boys and their handler trooped to White City Stadium hoping to fool the Bulawayo electorate.

This came right on the heels of a foolish antic by Joice Mujuru who visited and desecrated the graves of those that died in disturbances after lndependence.

It was taboo for Joice to try and woo voters through an insincere visit to the land of those that died in an unenviable manner.

Nevertheless, the MDC-T hypocritically chose Bulawayo to commemorate their anniversary in an attempt to scoop any imagined ZimPF sympathisers in that region.

We need to wait for a moment and reflect here.

Are these not the very same opposition putchist cabals that were calling for a coalition the other day in Gweru?

Did they not say they would join hands to fight a common foe?

In fact, the stage-managed some uneasy hand holding right there in Gweru.

What happened to the marriage of convenience?

Whither the coalition rumbling, will there ever be a coalition or there is just greed and power-gluttony in the opposition camps?

Just last week, ZimPF members were jostling for positions within the party which has unsurprisingly suffered a stillbirth.

As if the political jokes in Nera are not enough, fresh Zimbabwean parties are formed in South Africa and enter into the fray, continuing to spoil the coalition dream.

There is no coalition within the MDC-T party itself, there is no coalition within ZimPF and other hocus-pocus political non-entities within Nera.

Instead there is dishonesty, mistrust, suspicion, uncertainty and disillusionment.

All the hullabaloo about a coalition against Zanu PF is just a smokescreen.

They are all in a coalition to grab crumbles of the electoral pie, a coalition scrambling for electoral bread crumbs at a dinner table where Zanu PF already has the largest share.

Indeed, a coalition not focused on winning any election.

The opposition members are now showing themselves for who they truly are.

If they cannot share power amongst themselves they will never allow a coalition to take root.

It will remain a pipedream for the doomed opposition.

What would it take for a dying MDC-T to form a bond with an unborn ZimPF?

The electorate cannot be misled any more.

Come 2018, I bet my last two cents that only Zanu PF supporters will once again turn out in their numbers to vote while opposition supporters will yet again sit on their laurels and occupy themselves with binge protests on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Without doubt, MDC-T will not live beyond 18 years because their end is already redefined.


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