When coaches are garbage!

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SOCCER coaches are being used and dumped in these isles and Yours Truly does not sympathize with this lot, they are getting the treatment they deserve.

These days I am just cutting to chase without any romance.

Space is of the essence on these pages, space is always at a premium on the best sports pages in the country, there is no time for waffling and responding to hopeless characters who seek relevance.

So why do I say the coaches deserve to be used and abused in this manner?

Look here, gentle reader, most of these guys appear and sound smart, yet they are far from it.

They work without contracts, they get fired and rehired like hookers, they backbite each other and do not appreciate the importance of having a strong labour movement.

One needs to spend time with a local football coach to appreciate the hatred they have for each other.

They will tell you Norman Mapeza is aloof, they will tell you Kallisto Pasuwa is not very sociable, they will tell you Tonderai Ndiraya is not a good coach but a lucky guy who is just benefiting from being at a club that is well resourced.

These guys celebrate when Tendai Chikuni is fired by Chapungu because in their own warped view, the firing of one coach enhances their own chances of getting hired.

Club owners and directors receive calls at odd hours, some unemployed coaches giving them the “your team has good players but I feel my fellow coach does not know how to use them.”

Makepekepe once bought this gospel and ended up employing Maxwell Takaendesa Jongwe as their gaffer.

The results of that joke were disastrous.

Caps United did not look like a Green Machine even though they trained like soldiers.

Even on match day morning, Jongwe took his team for a session!

And did you come across the video of Chegutu Pirates coach Arthur Tutani threatening to commit murder?

Armed with stones, Bla Tuts, as we call Tutani, demanded his dues from a man who had promised to take “good care” of him at Chegutu Pirates.

“I want my money, who do you think you are? Wajaira kushandisa vana vevaridzi mahara. Who do you think you are? You think you are God? Never, never on mother’s earth,” charged Tutani before throwing in some backside expletive.

Still in Division One, but to the east, Masimba Dinyero was reportedly fired by Green Fuels for failing to comply with the Chisumbanje based team’s policy of promoting local talent.

You see there are coaches who have a habit of moving with a brigade of players, arguing that a hunter always ventures into the bush with his trusted dogs.

Well for Dinyero, that approach is said to have cost him a good paying job.

As Dinyero was getting fired, his close friend Lloyd Mutasa was bouncing back as DeMbare coach just three games after being kicked upstairs.

What is this desperation?

Samaita is allowing himself to be used in the ongoing cold war between Bernard Marriot and Kenias Mubaiwa.

And poor Nzou is now jobless!

I really wished to see Biggie Zuze succeed at DeMbare but the guy seems to have a big mouth.

He said too much in the few matches he was in charge of the Glamour-less Boys and I am not surprised that the Dynamos bosses gave him the boot.

Meanwhile, as the hiring and firing of coaches continues unabated, the gaffers seem not to realise that they will continue to be used and dumped until they are able to stand up and speak with one voice.

Asante Sana, iwe neni tine basa!

Sir exits the scene!

Sir is a social media commentator and can be contacted on [email protected]


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