What You Can Bet On With betPawa

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What You Can Bet On With betPawa

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The world of modern betting mainly attracts users with developed features. The others might make the number of sports and betting markets their main selling point. Some also offer plenty of casino options, thus adding gamblers to their target audience. And obviously, some bookmakers do it all.

betPawa belongs to the groups that offer casino options and plenty of features. But in this article, we will look at how betting works on this platform. We will check out available sports for betting and existing markets and analyze one’s possible choices if they use betPawa for wagering purposes. The article won’t provide any tutorials; there are plenty of other resources online. For example, one can check this login betPawa guide.

The Sports

Many will find this moment unfortunate, but betPawa doesn’t offer many disciplines to bet on. There are just two of them. Thankfully, those are quite popular: football and basketball. The reason seems to be that the platform simply isn’t interested in providing a wide range of sports to wager on, instead focusing on only two games.

This, obviously, will disappoint many players, but it will be enough for those who are only interested in football and basketball. Thankfully, there are plenty of events, and the service offers quite good and competitive odds. Moreover, there are also plenty of betting markets to enjoy. Let’s check it out in the next section.

The Markets

What betPawa lacks in the number of sports it makes up for with a long list of betting markets. If you’re a football or basketball fan but get tired of simple and popular markets like 1×2 or over/unders, there are many additional ones to enjoy for both sports. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You’re likely already familiar with over/unders and 1×2. The former involves guessing whether some number of points in the game, usually its total score, will go below or above a certain point. 1×2 or moneylines simply cover betting on the result of the game with possible options, including either the team winning or a draw. Here are some of the other markets.


  • This market is quite popular. It works like regular betting, but one team is put at a virtual disadvantage. For example, it starts a football game with a “-2” score and has to play more actively to overcome it. Handicaps make things more interesting in many situations, especially if one team is generally stronger than the opposing one.
  • Double Chance. This involves betting on two markets at once.
  • Both Teams to Score. By placing this bet, a player expects the game to end with both teams scoring at least one goal each.
  • Correct Score. This one is simple: predict the exact score of a game.
  • Halftime Results. These are various markets covering betting on the outcome of the first or second half of the game.
  • Quarter results. Similar to the previous point, it covers the results of basketball quarters.
  • Clean Sheet. Placing this bet means expecting one team to win without the opposing one scoring even one goal. The final scores, such as 4:0 or 0:2, would be the examples.
  • Odd/Even. When you’re placing this wager, you’re trying to predict whether the game’s total score or any other number will be an even or odd one.
  • Draw no Bet. This one is quite similar to moneylines but with one caveat: the bet’s void if the game ends in a draw. So you’re simply betting on one possible winner.

Additional Sports Betting Features

To become more successful, a bookmaker has to offer additional things for the punters to enjoy. Two relatively simple yet quite popular features are the live ones: in-play wagering and the cashout. The former, usually called “live betting,” allows the players to place bets on the games that have already started, making the process much more interesting. The cashout feature makes it possible to get the returns before the event is over. This provides a much deeper level of control over one’s risks and finances. It also works as a great safety measure.


There are many ways to attract a new customer, and great betting options are one of them. And that’s precisely where betPawa succeeds: it can lack the number of sports to wager on, but there are plenty of options to enjoy when betting. They range from simple things like money lines, handicaps, and over/unders to more interesting options such as Clean Sheet or Both Teams to Score. The platform also offers live betting options and cashouts, which will satisfy the needs of the majority of punters.

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