‘We’re privileged to have Amai Mugabe’

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‘We’re privileged to have Amai Mugabe’ First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe addresses guests at the 21st February Movement celebrations in Matopo yesterday. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

The Sunday Mail

Vincent Gono
First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s philanthropic work and entrepreneurial astuteness have contributed significantly to Zimbabwe’s socio-economic transformation, a Cabinet minister has said. In an interview with our sister paper The Sunday News last Thursday ahead of Amai Mugabe’s 52nd birthday today, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the First Lady was arguably Zimbabwe’s foremost philanthropist.

Dr Mushohwe said, “You need to be in Mazowe (where Amai Mugabe runs an orphanage and school) to appreciate the amount of work she is engaged in. Her charitable work is a genuine show of who she is and of her progressive vision.

“She has undoubtedly distinguished herself as a woman of substance with an unwavering and unequalled charitable disposition coupled with a tangible and visibly irrefutable influence in both her philanthropic work and political life.”

Dr Mushohwe said the First Lady soldiered on undeterred by unwarranted private media attacks against her and her family.

“In fact, above the veneer of sensational headlines is an intelligent woman of substance, a woman of meaning whose connection with the goings-on in the country’s grassroots and downtrodden cannot be doubted, a passionate and caring mother.

“A mother to her own children and to the country’s orphans with a highly innovative business mind, Amai Mugabe is a rare philanthropic mother of the nation whose work is a marvel to anyone who wishes to care.”

He went on: “She rehabilitated a team of prostitutes in Marondera and set up projects for them. They have now left prostitution and are now concentrating on their projects and contributing meaningfully to the national development discourse.

“She is frank and does not call a spade a shovel. She calls a spade a spade. She is truthful and despises gossips and deceitful people. She, however, does not keep grudges. She is quick to forgive.

“I know of certain politicians whom she told her mind and after that, she was laughing with them. Most people dread her for that, but I tell you, she is one person who is good to work with (I worked with her before my Cabinet appointment).

“Her candidness makes her tough in politics. She grasped the political concepts with so much ease; something that goes to show her political astuteness and intelligence. She stands for what she believes is right.”

Dr Mushohwe said Alpha Omega Dairy, which has over 2 500 dairy cows, was proof of Amai Mugabe’s entrepreneurial skills.

He added: “She designed the Mazowe orphanage herself and played an instrumental role in designing the First Family’s house in Borrowdale. That shows the kind of person she is architecturally. “Let me take this opportunity to wish her a happy birthday on behalf of my family. We pray that God continues to bless her with good health, divine wisdom, abundant love, success in all her future endeavours, but above all, a blessed long life. We say to her congratulations, makorokoto, amhlophe. We love you.”

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