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We’ll stand with Israel: Dr Mugadza

29 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
We’ll stand with  Israel: Dr Mugadza

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa
For Dr Willard Mugadza (43) of Bethel Christian Party (BCP) — who describes the 2018 harmonised polls as a “spiritual election” — it is time for the church to take an active role in national governance.

“The BCP government acknowledges that the time of the church to influence and effectively participate in governance of Zimbabwe is now. There are thousands of Christians in Zimbabwe who are looking for a political home that espouses genuine Christian values — BCP is your home,” says Dr Mugadza.

For Zimbabwe to be part of God’s sovereign, Dr Mugadza says the country must have full ties with Isreal.

“In pursuit of a Zimbabwe that is one nation under God, the BCP government shall stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the state of Israel. The BCP government shall do everything possible to ensure that the Jewish community is safe and Zimbabwe shall open its doors unconditionally to the Jewish community,” he adds.

BCP says it is a home for Christians who do not identify with other political parties.

Dr Mugadza says: “Numerous Christian leaders have been raised in Zimbabwe, but do not identify with existing political parties and this is an invitation to all of you to join BCP and exercise your calling and be a blessing to the nation of Zimbabwe with the greatest of freedom, liberty and joy.

“For this reason, the 2018 harmonised elections are not just strategic, but very spiritual, where there is a battle for the soul of our nation. I want to invite all Zimbabwean Christians and non-Christians to come together and rebuild a value-driven Zimbabwe that is transgenerational.”

Once elected, Dr Mugadza plans to rotate his administrative base in the country’s 10 provinces on a monthly basis, starting with Bulawayo, where he wants to be inaugurated.

“My inauguration will take place in Bulawayo. Government will operate from Bulawayo in the six months soon after inauguration. There is no coming to Harare. This is to ensure that we deal with the foundations of economic development and healing that is needed in Bulawayo.

“One month I will be based in Matabeleland North and another month in Matabeleland South. All Government business, regardless of how important it is, will be conducted from where the President will be,” he says.

“All Government officials and all ministers will be with the President in Matabeleland to make sure that we bring to Matabeleland the level of economic development it requires.

“Every province shall host the Office of the President for one month. All Government business that has everything to do with the State, and Government functions assigned to the OPC, will be conducted in that particular province. This will allow the President to be as close to the people as possible.

“In addition, this will enable the President to actively spearhead all Government programmes, and this will allow all the ministries and Government departments to be more proactive, accountable and transparent to the economic and social development of that particular province.”

Dr Mugadza says he will appoint 12 ministers, support entrepreneurs and make education accessible to all.

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