We will deal with DCC abuse: Matemadanda

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We will deal with DCC abuse: Matemadanda

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa

ZANU-PF will deal with any abuse of the proposed District Co-ordinating Committees (DCCs) that are set to be re-introduced this weekend, the revolutionary party’s national political commissar, Cde Victor Matemadanda has said.

DCCs were disbanded in 2012 after some elements within the party had hijacked structures to foment factionalism and for some personal gains.

The re-introducing of the DCCs is the first step towards the re-structuring of the party as Zanu-PF prepares for the 2023 harmonised elections.

After Harare, the DCC elections will move to Bulawayo and spread to all other provinces.

Cde Matemadanda said DCCs are very important as a link between higher and lower structures.

“District Co-ordinating Committees, as the name implies, help co-ordination between the district and provinces and also other higher structures. DCCs are very necessary, they are very key in the role of co-ordinating,” he said.

He said strict measures will be initiated to deal with abuse of DCCs adding their mandate will be strictly spelt out.

“Even though they had to be disbanded at some stage because people had started abusing them and they had opened themselves for abuse, its beneficial for the party to have DCCs. The issue of abuse is one thing we are emphasising in the current efforts to restructuring DCCs that they must not do what they are not supposed to do. Previously, they were now taken for chief executive officers of provinces, especially constituencies, they would determine who gets into a constituency and who does not.

“Some candidates were now paying so that the DCCs will allow them to campaign and contest for certain positions in constituency under their jurisdiction, this is not going to be allowed. We are going to be very clear and strict on how they must discharge their mandate,” said Cde Matemadanda.

Turning to how people are going to vote, he said the process will be brought closer to the people.

“Voting points are going to be brought closer to the people, so that people do not move for longer distances as elections will be done at constituency level.”

He added: “Ballot papers are going to be made, so they will be the same in each and every constituency. Every zone will have all the 22 aspiring candidates. However, we have realised that some zones have produced not more than four candidates for some positions. There are also indications that one or two positions have only one candidate.”

Vetting processes, he said, has been initiated to weed out undeserving people vying for positions.

“We are not targeting anyone or witch-hunting, but obviously we are going to have deserving people in positions. This is why we are having the vetting processes, we are going to discuss the suitability for every candidate, if they don’t meet our criteria, they are not going to be allowed to participate.

“In fact, reports have started coming in telling us the characters of almost all aspiring candidates from our security teams, we even have some people deployed from the MDC and G40 but they are definitely not going to participate,” Cde Matemadanda said.

After the DCCs, he said, the next stage of the party re-structuring will be decided by the Politburo.

Presently there are no structures in Harare except for cells after district elections conducted two months ago were nullified due to irregularities, especially vote buying.

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