We need new vision, says Rev Chikanga

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We need new vision, says Rev Chikanga

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa
Reverend Everisto Washington Chikanga, a Presidential hopeful contesting under the banner of the Rebuild Zimbabwe Party (RZP), says it is time the country is shaped by a new vision based on Christian values and principles.

A pastor with the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, the 48-year-old Rev Chikanga — who founded RZP last year — also says the political environment is conducive to the holding of free and fair elections.

“I aim aiming for the Presidency of Zimbabwe because that is the only office from which I can introduce a brand new political vision for our nation. It is time to end and to replace the revolutionary vision, a vision that has brought our nation to this depressing state of economic, moral, political and social suffering.

“I was motivated by an innermost conviction and drive to join the Presidential race because I want to be part of the effort that brings a lasting solution to our national crises,” says Rev Chikanga.

“In place of the revolutionary vision, I am offering Zimbabwe a brand new vision, a vision that is based on Biblical and Christian values and principles.

“This vision seeks to bring a God-influenced, a God-centered solution to our complex national challenges. I am of the fullest conviction that the revolutionary vision has overstayed, expired, and has indeed run out of effectiveness and as such, it is no longer relevant for our times; it has to end, though constitutionally and honourably.”

RZP, explains Rev Chikanga, is a Christian nationalist movement that will promote the national interest and national healing. “My vision is of rallying our nation towards preserving and actualising our national interests, meaning bringing genuine national healing to our wounded nation, resolving all our political and economic conflicts, getting rid of corruption, restoring the rule of law and constitutionalism back to our nation.”

If elected into office, he says, his party will fight corruption and revive the economy.

“The Zimbabwean economy is where it is right now mainly because of two things that have terribly gone wrong in our country: rampant corruption and lack of the upholding of the rule of law.

“When elected, the first thing I will do is to restore the rule of law as the first step to dealing with corruption and (the) cash crisis,” he says.

“It is crucial to restore the rule of law in order to inspire confidence in our economic environment so as to guarantee domestic, regional and global investors that Zimbabwe has now become a stable and attractive destination for trade and commerce.”

Rev Chikanga believes the obtaining political environment is conducive for free and fair elections, but small parties are constrained by lack of financial resources, and has implored the electorate to vote wisely in tomorrow’s elections.

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