We can’t wait to join varsity

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We can’t wait to join varsity Some of the graduates at the Zimbabwe Open University 2014 Graduation Ceremony at the City Sports Centre in Harare today - Pictures by Kudakwashe Hunda

The Sunday Mail

Ratidzo Moyo

FINALLY, we are done with high school. My friends and I have found this to be a cause for celebration. The last six years of learning have been hectic.

We have made plans to meet so that we celebrate our milestone achievement of managing to start and finish high school studies without incident.

Some of our colleagues were expelled due to indiscipline, but we kept our eyes on the ball.

Discipline, dedication, direction and determination have been our guiding principles over the years.

After completing our Advanced Level examinations, we are now set to enter another phase of our lives. Most of us are excited and cannot wait to join higher learning institutions.

However, destinies differ.

Our results next year will determine who will be doing what.

But I would like to encourage all my colleagues never to give up.

Should one of us fail, he or she should not give up. The best option is to register and write again.

Failing an exam should not be viewed as the end of the world. It is merely a signal that you got something wrong and you need to work harder next time.

Those who will secure jobs or start their own ventures soon after getting their results should not forget to further their studies while they go to work or blossom as entrepreneurs.

The world we live in now revolves around knowledge.

Only those who are eager to learn new things will scale dizzy heights and consolidate their positions at the top.

In my case, I want to be a lawyer, and nothing is going to stop me from achieving the dream.


*Ratidzo Moyo was an Advanced Level learner in Harare.

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