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The Sunday Mail

PUBLICLY any husband will tell you that they wife is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen.

It’s the right thing to do, the safest thing to do.

But deep down that husband will be casting an admiring eye and fantasizing about at the likes of Pokello Nare, never mind her Stunner moment, and that stunning karate loving beauty who also happens to be the best newsreader at ZBC.

What’s her name by the way, Newsbae?

Rumbidzai Takawira, yes Rumbie!

Oh my God that one is wooow!

Forgive my seemingly puberty behaviour but hey this past week had Valentine’s Day sandwiched between it and Yours Truly also has a good eye for some of the finer things in life women included.

However, Sir is onto something here.

So if you may indulge me this Sunday that the Lord has made.

I feel like Zimbabwean football is living in denial.

In the eyes of ordinary soccer fan our Castle Lager Premier Soccer League has quality but just lacks funding and proper marketing.

When they watch South Africa’s Absa Premiership they argue, rather patriotically, that we are at par or a wee bit better than our glamorous neighbours from across the Limpopo.

Conveniently these guys forget that some lads we thought are the real deal crossed the Limpopo and came back with their tails firmly tucked between their legs after failing to cut it.

Denver Mukamba looks down and out, Mitchelle Katsvairo is clubless after being let go by Kaizer Chiefs, Blessing Moyo is back at Dynamos and one needs a prophet to tell them where Augustine Mbara and Khumbulani Banda are.

The pair seems to have disappeared from the radar after being sent packing by their Absa Premiership clubs.

The patriotic among us will question why some of our decent players such as Tatenda Mkuruva and Partson Jaure are moving to Zambia.

But sober analysis reveals that our game is taking one step forward and three steps back while the rest of the continent is taking giant steps forward.

I spent some considerable time on You Tube last week watching FC Platinum’s game away to Petro Agosto of Angola and felt embarrassed.

Our champions, the best in the team in the country, was ruthlessly exposed.

Pure Platinum Play were thoroughly beaten 3-0 and they have no one to blame, not even the referee.

Norman Mapeza’s men will have to move mountains in the second leg set for Mandava on Wednesday if they are to flirt a bit longer with the Caf Champions League.

The Zimbabwean champions were far from being poor but their opponents were clinical, played at high tempo and were switched on at all times.

Agosto’s first goal came after a quick free kick, taken just after the half way line at a time when the Pure Platinum Players were protesting against a referee’s decision.

It’s easy to accuse FC Platinum of embarrassing the nation but it must be remembered that they are our champions and a team that can be tipped to defend their crown.

Allow me to suggest that FC Platinum are a victim of the mediocrity in our league, the best student in a class of retards who can hardly string five passes together and believe in hoofing the ball upfront.

When last did you see a free kick being curled home in our league?

Are you are aware the Premiership new boys intend to register their 45 year old owner Innocent Benza as one of their players for the forthcoming season?

Until our league improves in quality and our players spend a considerable time in the gym and not in lodges and sheebeens our continental representatives will always struggle.

Granted once in a while we will have inspiring runs like the one Caps United stitched together last year but on the whole our game will remain a joke until we change the way we do business.

Our players are age cheats, they get paid peanuts once in a while and the coaches are not keen to improve themselves.

All the gaffers know how to do is play “Fifa” at training and dishing out the tired “my boys played to instruction” post-match interviews.

We may publicly claim that our PSL is stunning because it the right thing to do, the safest thing to do but the truth is our game is hideous and needs a serious make over.


Sir exits the scene!

Sir is a social media football commentators and can be contacted on [email protected]


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