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As Africans we should never become enemies of other Africans

As Africans we should never become enemies of other Africans

Patience Chido Nhamburo – CCOSA Student

IT is not so long ago that most African countries were fighting for freedom from colonial rule. Amongst these countries were sisters Zimbabwe and South Africa who share a liberation background that is almost the same.

The main reason why many took it upon themselves to go to war with the enemy was for Africans to be free from colonisation and apartheid.

The black majority wanted to be treated equally with the whites without racial factors.

The whites call it Africa, we call it home, but is it still safe to call home when we fight and kill each other over racial reasons.

It clearly beats the purpose of why freedom fighters went to war to fight for our freedom from racial hatred.

For so many years now the two countries have been trading well socially, economically and politically. It is, however,surprising and shocking and heartless to see that a fellow uneducated African can kill another because he thinks the educated foreign doctor, teacher or businessman is the reason for his unemployment.

It’s only seven years ago since the last riots and Xenophobic attacks.

Different decade, different president, how much has changed?

As Africans we should never become enemies of other Africans. We define ourselves as Africans because we belong within the family of the billion Africans who live in Africa, who are linked to one another by a common destiny.

As Africans, we should value the importance of international solidarity and Pan-Africanism and keep lifting high the dignity of all Africans and all human beings, regardless of race, colour, or gender.

As Zimbabweans, we call upon African states to stand firm and fight against Xenophobia, as Africa is our home and no racial, colour, gender or language difference or any amount of spilt blood, injured bodies or even dead bodies can ever change the fact that we are all Africans and we should always be willing to extend a hand of help to one another in all aspects of life to help build a better and safer Africa, our home …. #NoToXenophobia….


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